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  1. Now I have a problem with that, it seems to me that the Seanchan threat is being over stated. The mainland forces just have to get their act toegether. Yes the Seanchan use women chanellers as weapons, but their main weakness is that they can't link while wearing the a'dam. All you have to do is be selfprotective enough to organise raids led by men/women circles to go after the daname holding pens. In time the Seanchan will have less and less chanelers and will be forced to either make peace of face defeat. An organised mainland with Aes Sedais Ash'Aman support shouldn't be abble to loose this one. Of course internal division can come a loong way twoards helping the Seanchan. Sawa
  2. Sawa

    WoT Characters

    Probably the best pictures of WoT Characters to be found on the net. All done by Seamas at seamassketches.blogspot.com.
  3. Man, two more weeks this is killing me. Pure torture, Galad's would have been easy in comparison. But now seriously, I think that Galad's dileman was handed quite well. If BS would try to expand on every thread left hanging by RJ we would get not 3 books but at leat 6. SO I prefere the 3 we're getting to be more focused and fast pacing than was the norm with books 8-12. Sawa
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