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  1. I agree, Halima's "treatment" must have had something to do with her attitude in opposing Rand. It's hard to understand what Halima was doing otherwise. Although I don't know if compulsion can survive the compulsor's death.
  2. What happened to Alanna? Did we find out and I missed it?
  3. The hammer forging was a great, great scene.
  4. The letter was bad, but apart from the Mat was great. "Just because a man marries somebody doesn't mean he suddenly becomes bloody nobility".
  5. That was a bit of an anti-climax, IMO. One lousy self-fulfilling prophesy after all that buildup? Bah.
  6. Is it possible that Verin couldn't word her instructions any other way without betraying her oaths? Seems important enough that she should have mentioned it to Egwene, though.
  7. The answer to questions like that lies with Team Jordan and the beta readers. Apparently nobody is bothering to fact check. Or Rand was willing to say anything to get Ituralde to guard the blight?
  8. Any UK sightings yet? From going round bookshops yesterday I got the impression that the books haven't been delivered to the stores yet, which is a little bit leaving things to the last minute.
  9. Thanks for the review and all the info, Terez. :)
  10. I assumed "A testing" would be Aviendha, although it does seem a little late in the book.
  11. I don't mind pointlessness, as long as it's fun, but I would have liked more drama. At least show us the fight.
  12. For me, it was the hook for the series. The hero destined to go insane, save the world, and break the world. It's what kept many people with the series through the weaker books.
  13. Rand seems to know what the effect of his Super-Dragon abilities will be, however, so that would indicate that he has experience with these abilities and therefore he's been through this before. So, it looks like it does happen from time to time and this isn't a unique occurance. But I think these abilities are simply a function of the dragon being well-adjusted and the last battle being close, rather than anything to do with his memories. Although of course I could be wrong.
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