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  1. The Fires of Heaven, Ch 6, Gateways (Conversation b/w Lanfear & Rand): If Lanfear could break into dreams warded by Rand, then I'm sure Graendal could break into a warder's dreams as well
  2. Elayne was the daughter-heir, but she was still a child at this point. His plan would probably have been to install her as queen and then rule as regent for a while before eventually usurping her
  3. Well, the 'tricks' are in place. One, the Amyrlin can declare anything. She made Nynaeve, Elaine, etc. Aes Sedai in this way. For another, Egwene just got full control of dealing with the rulers of the world. What if she argues naming Rand Aes Sedai is a political move, akin to the Ring being given to the Queens of Andor, whether they can channel or not? Again, not saying it will happen. But there's plenty of ways for it to. Hopefire: The problem with that scenario is that there is nothing inherently anti-male in the White Tower, except the Red Ajah which was just recently cut down in importance. The Aes Sedai were all women because of the taint, which they all now believe to have been cleansed away. Right there, the only obstacle to men joining the Tower is gone. People focus on the anti-male stance of the Tower, but forget that the Greens and the Blues are anything but anti-men. The Browns will slaver at the chance for the new kinds of research possible with men, too. The Tower has plenty of people who'll be glad to have men back as Aes Sedai. They may not be a majority, yet, but Egwene conveniently inducted new Novices who've married and had children, and thus don't have anywhere close to the same level of distrust of men. The Amyrlin can't just declare anything as if she had any divine right. She can't just proclaim someone who is not even an initiate of the tower as Aes Sedai and think it'll be accepted. Saying Rand is an Aes Sedai wouldn't stick. The Hall would just ask her whether she has lost her marbles and negate it. The Hall can overturn something like that, they just don't do that because they like to pretend Aes Sedai are united. Maybe she will bestow it upon Rand posthumously?
  4. yes, that's all true (althought I'm not clear on the size of the Seanchan continent with relation to Randlands) but the numbers seem to me to be too big anyway. keep in mind that the Seanchan have only arrived en mass a short time ago (a year ago, perhaps?) Could they really have brought millions of people with them in such a short time? seems very unrealistic to me given the time span, the distance and the available technology. also, because of the assassination of the old empress and the rebellion and civil war back home they no longer can draw on the Seanchan population and forces back on the Seanchan continent. So how many people do they actually have on this side of the ocean and how big is their army? anyone has an estimate? You mustn't forget about the Hailene and Corene which each brought hundreds of thousands of soldiers, craftsmen, settlers etc to the Westlands. Also, the Seanchan actively recruit from the nations they have conquered. The Seanchan most likely have close to 600,000 soldiers under the command, not including damane. The Thirteenth Depository did a recap of the military forces as of TGS. You can find it here. Thanks for the link. It's quite interesting. not sure about that 600k total though. Based on Turan told Ituralde it would seem to me that they should have more than that. That link has since been updated to include ToM: http://13depository.blogspot.com/2002/03/military-forces-of-westlands.html
  5. Except that Gawyn couldn't go on the offensive - he had to keep himself between the Blood Knives and Egwene. But I agree with you - Gawyn was plain lucky to survive as long as he did
  6. From ToM, Ch 22: The End of A Legend (when Gawyn asked Bryne for advice about Egwene) "Gawyn folded his arms, unable to lean against the wall, lest he disturb a map showing orchards across the surrounding countryside. One village near Dragonmount was circled four times, for some reason" Do we know what this village is?
  7. No. Not many know Perrin was a wolfbrother - prior to him telling his whole army in ToM that is. I doubt Mat even knows the concept of a wolfbrother exists. Keep in mind they havent seen each other since the start of book 4, so there hasnt exactly bene much communication between them either. Yeah, but I was wondering if it came out when they talked just before Mat left to rescue Moiraine - I mean, Mat told him about all his memories, right? So maybe Perrin returned the favor?
  8. "You accidently married the Seanchan Empress?"
  9. What other people have been arguing is that Elaida/ Suffa will tell Fortuona, once she has been broken. Personally, I doubt this will happen, though
  10. Actually, she only drank the forkroot spiked water after they were rescued by rolan et al
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