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  1. I was 14 and moping around the house in 1991 mumbling, "I'm SO bored.". My late mother finally became fed up with it. She handed me an 814 page soft cover book called "The Eye of the World" and told me that I was grounded until I finished it. Two hours and three chapters later, I burst out of my room and shouted, "What ARE they?!?!" She smiled and calmly stated that I would have to RAFO... Yep, it started way back then. I have since come to think that she and Master Jordan where in concert in some fashion to have so effortlessly hooked me into reading an average of 1 - 2 novels week for the last 21 years after.
  2. I lost my mother in late October to Breast Cancer. This was the woman, that in 1992, grounded me to my room with The Eye of the World. She said, "Don't come out until you are finished with it!" I looked at the 814 page book in dismay and went to my room. An hour and a half and three chapters later, I burst from my room yelling, "What ARE they, Mom?" I then received my very first RAFO. We went all the way through The Gathering Storm together. So here I sit, 18 years and a Snake and Wheel tattoo later, impatient for the day that I can pass The Wheel of Time down to my now 2yr old son. I love how our fan community can show so much love and kindness to those who are in need, especially in honor of those that are/were fans. Blessings this holiday season.
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