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  1. what about the white cloaks? they have a rather large army, and massive influence. currently there is no known affiliation with the shadow among them... is there ???
  2. Moairaine stated early on, in the series, that using getures, while channeling, is unnecessary, however she also stated that if you learn a particular weave, using a gesture, such as making a throwing motion, while hurling a fireball, that it is all but impossible to learn to do the weave without the gesture.
  3. everyone keeps saying that rand is going insane. i don't think he is insane. i think that he is erally...REALLY stressed. think about it. he is very young, with no experience of the world outside the two rivers, and suddenly the salvtion of all of creation is his personal responsibility. how do you think you would react ???
  4. the black tower does not yet have any divisions. i suspect that they never really will, as they are set of in a milartistic fashion, oh they may have specialists in certain areas such as healers, or negotiaters, but they will function, together, like a military unit. as far as the aes sedai ajahs go; ther are seven of them, each with its own purpose and color. blue = politics red = hunters for males able to chanel green = warriors white = statistics/logic brown = historians/scholars grey = negotiators yellow = healers
  5. it could be something more pagmatic. rand needs the tower to serve his needs. aes sedai will be impossible to control, or trust to the smallest degree if they do not follow him willingly. he needs them, but he knows it will be impossible to force their aid, therefore a certain amount of diplomacy is required.
  6. rand and galad are half brothers he isnt related to gawyn at all.
  7. while there is no evidence of a link between the horn and the dragon, artur hawkwing did recognize rand as LT and made a statement to the effect that they had fought togethor many times. while this is not proof of a link detween the dragon and the horn it is certainly indicative of some kind of association. [/b]
  8. the dark one is an eternal being so powerful that he has to be imprisoned to keep him from breaking the wheel of time, and remaking it in his own image, which is what the creator did in the first place. doesnt that make him an equal with the creator. or at least a lesser cousin. i think that if the creator could have dealt with the DO on a more permanent basis he probably would have.
  9. me, have enemies... hehe no im not important enough to have enemies... sorry bout the sarcasm i ummm had a bad night at home and took it out on you. i apologize. in the future i will stick to the topic at hand.
  10. hmmm after the well thought out replies i recieved i will have to conceed that this theory is very unlikely however some of you (gentled ben) simply chose to be a smart a**. i never made this thread convinced i was right i merely wanted to start a discussion on the issue but apprantly a discussion of this topic is impossible for some (ben) perhaps you shoud stay home, play with your dolls and suck on your thumb. at least that way you will be happy... ooh look at the pretty colors... good boy ben i knew you could!
  11. but remember rand is supposed to break the world again or at least he will totaly re shape it. i think it is possible.
  12. i posted this in another area as a response to something else so forgive me for repeating it. i think it deserves it's own topic. rand still has one of the choden kal and callendor. with the two most powerful sa'angreal ever to exist he, and a very powerful female channeler (aliva) might be able to strike mt doom, and the bore, with a bar of balefire, so powerful that it would take it back to a time before the age of legends, before the bore ever existed. do you think this is what rj had in mind when he created balefire? to me it seems possible. also channeling that much of the one power using callendor(no buffers), in link with aliva, might be what kills rand. seems to me this would neatly solve the problem of how to seal the bore, and how aliva will help rand die. what do you Think
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