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  1. forgot about that bit sorry
  2. i disagree with the snatched situation. if she didn;t want to be there tuon would not have been. she led him on a merry dance and decided for herself they would be married even though she wasn't exactly in love with him
  3. who knows maybe all the prophecies aren't about our "heroes" at all but about the animals? i mean who's telling their side of the story? blatant animalism if you ask me!
  4. didn't think of that but then again why reference the same thing twice (fortune and luck)? but then again i've never prophecied anything in my life so what would i know ?
  5. Fortune rides like the sun on high with the fox that makes the ravens fly Luck his soul, the lightning his eye He snatches the moons from out of the sky just out of interest (i've not seen any mention of this so apologies if i've missed this) what if you replace fortune with fortuona? after all she's been known to ride on a raken
  6. funnily enough i asked this question a few months ago but i'll happily provide an answer here. a few times i'd heard about a wheel of time mmorpg that was supposed to be happening and when it was described as tolkienesque i knew i had to read it
  7. it was that primitive and it's not available anymore but it was what piqued my interest, just comparing books to lord of the rings and i just had to read them
  8. eye of the world took me about a month to read (slow for me but it was xmas time) but the others roughly a week each and once i'd finished KOD i gave myself a couple of months break before i started again ready for TGS. Now i'm repeating it all again ready for TOM but i can't stop myself cos every time i read through i notice that little bit more and it makes me wanna start over again, but i know i'll never get to the indepth knowledge most of you guys show
  9. i have been coming to this site for around a year and a half now after learning about these books on a video games teletext site which described them as tolkienesque. /when i read them i was hooked immediately and i was wondering how everyone else discovered these books. sorry if this topic has come up before please don't balefire me(!)
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