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  1. I'm gonna be honest, if my entire harvest dies in one night and then regrows before my eyes, I'm probably gonna be a little wary about picking those apples. I'm thinking I'm gonna make the weirdo who suddenly appears out of the wilderness eat a couple of them first, just in case.
  2. That was posted a couple of pages back, I think on page 12 of this discussion. Don't berate someone for not providing a link that has been posted multiple times. Instead, calmly look back through the comments until you find the link everyone is referencing. In order to shame you for your foolish words, I have provided the link in my post. Again, it has already been provided in this discussion. Your statement that no link has been provided is a lie. I'm not really sure what the point of your goat statement was. Are you pointing out that human beings are in fact capable of lying? How insightful.
  3. Rand, having been to the Waste and having seen Aiel women fighting, just knew that he was dealing with a culture completely alien to him. He knows (courtesy of Nynaeve and Min first, then he gets some firsthand intel) that the Seanchan military employs women. What he didn't know was that female soldiers are armored like the men. He made an educated guess based on the information he had. I don't even think he even suspected (or cared) that Tuon's cover-up was a lie. He snorts after her cover-up. He knew.
  4. I can't wait for a Mat Egwene reunion, especially once everyone learns Tuon is the Empress. "Oh, really the Seanchan did attack the tower then? Slaughtered and captured a bunch of Aes Sedai? Why, yes I am married to the Seanchan Empress... Yeah, I guess she probably did order that attack, she has sort of an irrational hatred of Aes Sedai so... Sorry about that. I don't really want you to ever meet her, I don't think it would end well." "Oh well make sure to thank her for me. It was really nice having all those memories of being leashed and tortured by Renna brought up again, especially
  5. I haven't seen a single person explicitly say that Brandon messed up the time line. People are saying that either Brandon messed up the time line or there is something seriously wrong with the Pattern, which may be the case. Anyways, I think the time line is important and should be discussed. Verin dies about a month after she gives Mat the letter, and Mat continually mentions how much longer he has to wait before the 30 days he promised Verin are up. At the same time, news of the Seanchan assault on Tar Valon has obviously reached Caemlyn. So, something is seriously wrong. A mild disruption
  6. At the end of Gambits in tGS, Tuon thinks of Mat as "Prince of the Ravens" (pg. 310). During her meeting with Rand in A Halo of Blackness, she thinks of Mat as "First Prince of the Ravens" (pg. 546). She is still the Daughter of the Nine Moons in both of these scenes and the Empress is dead. So I think the Prince of Ravens and First Prince of Ravens are the same thing. I can't see why she would give him different titles in these scenes unless they are essentially the same title.
  7. I can definitely see it going both ways. On the one hand, Tuon became a different person when she became Fortuona (Queen Elizabeth obviously just switched her title from Princess to Queen) so Mat could have a higher rank, but you could also argue that only Tuon changed and not her husband, so Mat still is the Prince of Ravens. We will hopefully find out in a few months.
  8. But now that she is Empress Fortuona, I'd assume his title changes as well.
  9. Do we know what Mat's title is now that Tuon is the Empress?
  10. I think Egwene is entirely too self-righteous to ever leash another human. But the thought of Mat spanking her into oblivion makes me happy.
  11. When everyone realizes that Mat is married to Tuon... That is going to be awesome. How do you think it is going to go down, do you think he will tell Elayne and co. when/if he meets them in Caemlyn? Is he just going to sort of jaunt off to Finnland before telling anyone who his new wife is and helping with negotiations? I think he may rather face the snakes than admit to his friends that he kidnapped and married their enemy. I started my re-read way to early...
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