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  1. The oddities in the scene: - Nakomi approaches without being heard, and then makes a noise to alert Aviendha of her presence - Aviendha is naturally suspicious, but when Nakomi says "I promise that I mean you no harm, child," Aviendha immediately feels foolish and rationalizes the first point - Nakomi is travelling alone - Magically appearing coals - "I am far from my roof, yet not far at all. Perhaps it is far from me. I cannot answer your question, for it is not my place to give this truth." - Disappears without a trace, and her pack and supplies disappear when Aviendha goes to look for her Plausible explanations (in my not-so-humble opinion) - Nakomi approaches without being heard (T'A'R, channeler -> eavesdropping ward, portal stone) - Aviendha is naturally suspicious, but when Nakomi says "I promise that I mean you no harm, child," Aviendha immediately feels foolish and rationalizes the first point (T'A'R, channeler -> compulsion) - Nakomi is travelling alone (T'A'R, channeler -> traveled there, portal stone, time travel) - Magically appearing coals (T'A'R) - "I am far from my roof, yet not far at all. Perhaps it is far from me. I cannot answer your question, for it is not my place to give this truth." (Portal stone, T'A'R, time traveler) - Disappears without a trace, and her pack and supplies disappear when Aviendha goes to look for her (T'A'R, remote chance of portal stone, but that would require leaving and coming back behind Avi) I'm ignoring the possibility of Nakomi just being a hallucination because her beliefs contract Aviendha's, and it doesn't make sense for Aviendha's subconscious to challenge her in this way. So I'm calling it as T'A'R, or a dreamwalker who entered Aviendha's dream entirely. Either Moridin or Cyndane are likely possibilities. Moridin because it's subtle enough to be his handiwork, and Cyndane because we see her messing with someone else's dreams in the same book...and naturally, if it's Cyndane then Moridin is pulling the strings anyway. Another reason I call it as T'A'R, besides the fact that it is the only thing that can explain every oddity, is the fact this book is all about T'A'R and alternate realities, more than any before. We had the wolf dream, Slayer entering T'A'R in the flesh, Egwene's dreamwalker adventures, Nynaeve taking her testing, Avi in the pillars, the Tower of Ghenjei, and Lanfear invading Rand's dreams. It fits.
  2. These are both caused by Perrin's timeline being behind Rand's. It is very clear when Perrin's timeline reaches the end of tGS (which is when Tam leaves), and you aren't there yet. So in Perrin's PoV, Tam is still there. But from Rand's, obviously, Tam has already arrived. Rand riding with Nynaeve on the muddy street is the same day from tGS where Cadsuane is following him around inside the city (don't recall which) and Rand thinks that even if she hides her face he still recognizes her posture.
  3. I found the different plotlines quite confusing as far as timing goes. However, timing-wise, Perrin hasn't caught up to the end of tGS yet, you will know when he does. Naturally, Rand is already ahead of that. So Tam will be "back" in Perrin's camp in the next Perrin PoV you get, because Perrin PoVs are behind Rand's. Although Elayne is behind too, as far as I know, I didn't really notice anything obvious like this confuse things.
  4. I had always assumed that the male Aiel channelers never lived long enough to go mad because they died in the blight. Either on the way to SG, or once they make it. Especially since we have strong reason to believe that darkfriend male channelers did not get protection from the taint (one of the DF asha'man goes starry eyed when he thinks of the taint being cleansed, iirc). So if anything, being converted would ensure that they lived long enough to go mad. Really, the only thing in the passage to make you suspect that they are Aiel are the veils (which they may have worn for a completely different purpose), and the spears on their backs. Before dying, Barriga doesn't even believe they are Aiel anymore.
  5. Which chapter was Rand's PoV where he reveals (to the reader) that he has no plan? I've read up to the beginning of 47, and don't remember it...This could be because I've been up for nearly 24 hours and have forgotten what I read before work, but every scene with Rand in it I recall from someone else's PoV. Min, Nynaeve, Egwene, and secondary/minor characters. But not Rand.
  6. Yes. Things that have nothing to do with Asmodean, and really, little to do with that particular entry are spoiled. Nope, it's something much more major than that. I see. Very interesting. I guess I'll resist the urge and hope the reveal is sooner rather than later. Although by the sounds of it that isn't likely the case. Edit: Actually, it sounds like it doesn't get stated outright at all, except in the glossary. Although it sounds like it's implied strongly enough that I should be able to pick it up without the glossary.
  7. Two questions for Terez. This one is a simple yes/no answer. I'm not looking for specifically what (yet), just if there is or isn't. Let's say I just want to know if a certain character killed Asmodean or not. And let's say that I'm pretty confident that I've deduced which character it is. Now, assuming that I am right, if I flip to that character's glossary section (only), will other plot events from ToM also be revealed? (It seems "intuitively obvious" that since the killer is not revealed under the MIA Asmodean section, that it is revealed in the killer's glossary section.) So anyway, is there other spoilers in the killer's glossary, or isn't there? This one I expect a RAFO for, but I'll ask anyway. If there IS/ARE other spoilers in the killer's glossary, is it/are they limited to basically "this character was turned to the shadow against his/her will."? Thanks :D
  8. Well, Rand has never had an epiphany before, either. Sure, the dialogue was a little...formal...but within the context it makes perfect sense. Rand has ascended to another level, at least for the moment, and that is the sort of dialogue you would expect from someone in that state of mind. So I have to politely disagree, I feel that Sanderson (or Jordan if he wrote the scene) aligned the phrasing and dialogue with Rand's temperament perfectly.
  9. Am I the only one who thought that her weather sense was predicting the weather that was supposed to be rather than the weather imposed by the dark one? This is what I always assumed it was. So when she says "It should be raining right now" I thought that that meant that it should be raining, however, the dark one is blocking all the rain. I thought those references were just there to illustrate and reinforce that the weather is in fact unnatural, and Nynaeve is sensing the "natural" weather. Maybe I'm not thinking deep enough
  10. Furthermore, even if Graendal could have been burned back that far, the memory of her actions (instructions) would remain. If she had compelled Ituralde directly, then the compulsion would be gone. However, as I recall, it was a forged note which Ituralde received. Even if it was delivered by her hand (which it wasn't), the memory would still remain. Since she wasn't the one to physically deliver it, neither the letter nor the memory of the letter would be affected.
  11. CTK and Torn Shadow: First, Torn Shadow: Thanks for clearing me up on the Grays and the Whites. Ok, but, then: other than walk around being ''Logical'', what have the Whites done, lol??? CTK: I like your list of Aes Sedai you feel were integral, but I'd add a few: 1 Elaida: Shes an idiot and despicable (and crazy and delusional and meglomaniacal) but she was very much a significant plot-driver. 2 Alanna - Even though I feel RJ lost his way with her, Bonding the Dragon Reborn *is* a very, very significant event to occur during the first twelve books. 3 Teslyn: Just because I like her and I think she is the ONE Ray of Light for her entire Ajah. Fair enough, though I should perhaps have specified that I was more talking about accomplishments borne from competence, rather than incompetence. It could be argued that the Blacks would have split the tower with or without Elaida, but if a less incompetent Amyrlin had been selected, the tower might still be divided, so in that respect Elaida is absolutely critical. She failed so badly that she forced the hands of other, more competent players. As for Alanna, she isn't really significant per se. Any Aes Sedai could have bound Rand against his will, which would have accomplished the same thing (alienating Rand, giving him a weakness). As for Teslyn, I think I missed something because everyone seems in love with her lately. Is it just the events at the end of ToM chpt 8 or do we have some other reason to expect big things from her? As far as my feeling that 20 or so notable characters are not significant from among the Aes Sedai, it is true that this is still an impressive number in general. However, as a percentage of total named Aes Sedai, it's very poor. Look at it in reverse...How many Aiel have disappointed you? How many Kin? How many Seanchan? How many from the two rivers? ....how many Aes Sedai? Even the forsaken are generally individually competent, even if they are possibly equally disappointing as a whole.
  12. Your list is pretty much spot on, except that Grays were involved in the negotiations with the Windfinders for the Bowl of the Winds. Which is one more thing than Whites have accomplished. Really though, aside from less than 10 Aes Sedai with major accomplishments and another 10 with minor accomplishments, they are all disappointing. The fact that one person (Verin) is enough to catapult her entire Ajah into third place for significance should really tell you everything you need to know. Egwene, Nynaeve, Siuan, Moiraine, Verin, and Cadsuane are the only Aes Sedai who I can think of that I feel have been absolutely critical in the story, in any sort of a unique way (ie besides being at the right place at the right time once to heal Rand, stop a bad guy, etc). By the sounds of it, Pevara might get herself added to this list before all is said and done. There are some others that have provided lesser benefit (Elayne, Leane, and even Silviana for example), but the vast majority of Aes Sedai have so far proven less significant than Laras.
  13. Did anyone else find it odd that Fain "touched" the Fade with his Mashadar-like mist, killing it, and then considered that wearing gloves would prevent them from dying? Is this a logical flaw caused by insanity, or is he right?
  14. I had thought it was accepted (based on the above quote from BS) that Mesanna beat the Oath Rod altogether, not merely the particular Oath about lying. Don't get me wrong, she could absolutely say "I am not Black Ajah" or even "I am not Aes Sedai" while bound to truth - but I feel the implication was she avoided being bound altogether.
  15. Does anyone have a link to Jason's tGS review? I can't find it, and I was sort of wondering what to expect. Basically, I don't want it (the ToM review) to be too spoilery, so I want to read his tGS review to make sure that what other people call "minor spoilers" are minor spoilers to me. If I feel too much is revealed in the tGS review, I won't read the ToM one.
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