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  1. ooo can an accepted have a brownie? mmmm love brownies! so in need of chocolate atm!! pretty please?!*bats eyes*
  2. hmmmm you still poking around here?*hugs* Glad to see you pup!

  3. Just letting you know I sent you the answers to my test, only have one problem the warder boards no longer have the three different disaplines and the stickies each board had so i was not able to answer number 10. Please let me know if you need anything else, or even just let me know how i did on the test sometime between now and tuesday, then I am going to be a little scare due to school

  4. little fyi for wifie speeks hun, if she told you what shes getting your or that shes gotten it already its not last minute.. oh and ps, another fyi, there ius no such thing as not exchanging gifts with your wife, you always by her something reguardless. buts out, downs hotcoccoa
  5. puurrss sweet you know what i like!!*holds new cup of hotcoccoa out for a topoff. *sees vanion fall behind the bar*
  6. thats one of the reasons i dissapear from here so often. I have to distace myself from here cause i get to drawn in, and its affected me health in the past! settles lower into the hottub. ok I'm not reading anymore past pages of post, to many dame -pages so i'll start freesh btw i need someone to message my shoulder again!mmmm bowling with a legue sometimes hurts!
  7. ooo I'm in Glens falls!!! just north or saratoga! about 45 minutes north of albany!!! oo we should get toether for a meet!!!
  8. spins up to torrie and takes her hands and starts a chacha with her. this is a fun one, I like the foxtrot too!
  9. Oh look ladies! Our tame trolloc thinks he's scary! *giggles* hmm you know he looks amite like bigbird in yellow feathers like that, runs over to hug him, I loved big bird!!!! oh and where did fnor go again?!*how does that boy excape so much*l*
  10. climbs out nof the moat and back to the hot tub! mmmm warmth!! swims over to the hottub side bar and pours herself a sniffter(sp?) of brandy, sinks to her chin in the warmth and closes eyes dreamily*
  11. Bam! .... look ma, no teeth focl...really!
  12. lol I did too, went to actually get some!*l* snuggles next to Mills for some warmth. burrr is cold!*sighs* already sick of winter this year!* its way to cold for what its been like the last few years!* haven't been warm in two weeks! *holds out hot coccoa for a splash of baileys.* please!
  13. *sighs* and sits in a rocker. gawd ya'll are making me feel old, saw the original tron loved it from way back and yea seeing it back in the eighties the graphics where awwwssssommmmeee!!!!lol it can look a little cheesie now but still good. Definately want to see the sequel!lol but i had a crush on bridges back then and still think hes hot!*l* yea yea hes old but then i like the older man... hmmm and the younger... hmmm well as long as there men... hmmm ok so there are one of two women i'd go for too*rotfl* switch sides ya'know!*l* so in the long run guess it doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!rotfl
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