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  1. congrats!! *so wheres the warder wannabies!* grabs one and starts dancing in celebration. weeeeeeee
  2. hmmmm you still poking around here?*hugs* Glad to see you pup!

  3. Just letting you know I sent you the answers to my test, only have one problem the warder boards no longer have the three different disaplines and the stickies each board had so i was not able to answer number 10. Please let me know if you need anything else, or even just let me know how i did on the test sometime between now and tuesday, then I am going to be a little scare due to school

  4. OK so I didn't think i would need to be on loa over the holidays and till now but it seems I should have been. Now with class starting next week I'm still running around like a chicken without a head trying to get everything ready for that! plus i need to adapt to my schedual and classes so although you may possible see me once ina while i should say i'm on an indefinate LOA. So sorry. but if you really need me try my msn, its both my messenger and email addy to anyone who wants to contact me with out waiting for the next time i log in to dm. I'll miss you all! oh and I am sorry to neave for bailing on her two seminars, I really did want to take them but times the crunch right now so if someone could let her know if i don't find her and get to her myself would be a great help. Nicci/Bellanoire
  5. hey what happened to the prank? what did lessa do?

  6. couold have sworn i posted here but couldn't find it so here it is again if i missed it Bella-Accepted(waiting on ajah approval)
  7. heheheh saw you add me on two of my facebooks!*l*

    hugs now you can't get away!!*mmmwwwaahhhh!!!

  8. ok my # is 901-690-4722. Facebook is shauna espey addy is 6865 spruce hill dr bartlett tn 38135 lol now you cant lose me!

  9. Well dude its not only that, I have Impy online alot but we want you in msn too, . oh and btw can i get out of doing dice training? I'm jut feeling like an ass that i'm the only one not getting this shit, especially the last lesson, and totally clueless on how to put it together. seriously I'm not that dumb but I just can't get the logic of this game!!and its seriouls pi...

  10. ok so my phone number is 518-761-2632, I'm still upstate new york, you can call just know its my mothers phone so i can't stay on long messages and emails are better, i also have facebook

    4 accounts,lol I'm suffering from multible facebook syndrom, so they are Bellanoire, bella noire, Nicole Caracciola, and Nicole Bacon, hehehe add all four never know which one I'm on

  11. Hey yeah i did get it actually, acc to my msn you are added to my contacts

  12. I dont think so...whats your email address? PM it if you like

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