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  1. You guys are right. You think of one and then you're mind just jumps to a dozen others. There's countless to choose from... Nynaeve Healing severing in LoC is one of my all time favourites. Siuan weeping because she remembers the pain of losing her Warder whilst Leane hugging and thanking her. All the disgruntled looks of the Yellow Aes Sedai who said it couldn't be done. Sheriam threatening to nail Nynaeve in a barrel and feed her mush through the bunghole. I love the entire TSR scene where Rand walks through the rings in Rhuidean and we find out the history of the Aiel. Consequently I love Aviendha's reverse viewing in Rhuidean in ToM. Both scenes are profoundly emotional because the Aiel are such an established race that RJ invites us to care deeply about. When we share in the shame of their broken oaths and the devastation of their possible future, we can't help but care for them even more. The first chapter in which Rand has a conversation with Asmodean in tFoH. Asmodean is playing his harp and Rand asks him about his chances against the Dark One. Asmo suggests the Dark One will consume Rand alive and that he plans to open his veins the minute he hears the Dark One is free. But despite that, he carries on living and supporting Rand... holding onto what he sees as a few hopeless tufts of grass. Relating to that, Rand and Asmo's battle in TSR and the discovery of the CK and the immense power it can channel. Some that will be less popular to the anti AS/Egwene folk... Egwene's skillful maneuvering of the rebel Hall in PoD that put her in control of the war against Elaida. I enjoyed that whole story arc because Egwene begins as a child Amyrlin not taken all that seriously and slowly gains greater authority and influence. Egwene ordering the Hall to reswear their oaths and naming Sheriam as Black Ajah. And then ordering the execution of her Keeper and scores of her sisters. BADASS! Oh and just as an aside really: the entire extended edition of New Spring. Which gave us even more insight into the fascinating traditions and political intrigues of the White Tower and Aes Sedai. I know that lots of people hate the WT/AS because they get so much wrong and bungle things so often. But part of that is what entertains me so much. I love the hubris of Aes Sedai (like Elaida), how overly serious they take themselves, and how much they immerse themselves in politics, manipulations, and pulling the strings of others. RJ does all this deliberately, because it makes it all the more enjoyable when foolish Aes Sedai like Joline are shamed! And it makes us appreciate the few decent Aes Sedai all the more... like Siuan, Moiraine, and Anaiya. It's always White Tower stuff or rebel Aes Sedai stuff that I reread again and again.
  2. It is Teslyn - the bitter-faced Red who turns out to have a heart of gold. I thought what Verin did with the letter was ridiculous... she should have just told Mat to warn Elayne... I think because originally she was hoping to rejoin the Light, she didn't want Mat to find out how she knew about the Shadow's plans. But at the end of the day, the world was on the line... she should have taken the risk and Mat of all people could be trusted to keep that part a secret.
  3. So if the Finns can give Mat memories of great generals, could they have given Moiraine vital knowledge about Callandor/TG? Considering we've had to wait 6 books to finally see her again, we can count on her doing something badass in tMoL so you guys can stop worrying about that! :D
  4. I completely agree about the determinism but I also think what was most poignant about Rand's visions in Rhuidean as well as Aviendha's is discovering how every choice, whether seemingly minor or huge and momentous can affect the life of a people. Like when we discover that the Aiel used to follow the Way of the Leaf. And now when we discover that they're going to end up as nothing but scavengers due to the simple expediency of excluding them from the Dragon's Peace. I think the reason this is so tragic for us to read is because we're already so invested with the Aiel's history - their a proud people who we admire but we've also seen what they as a people suffered after the Breaking and their journey to find a land of safety. What strikes me as well is that whether this is determined or not, it always seems that people's choices matter so much and have such a powerful significance. As if the Wheel is testing people through their experiences. Either way, simply beautiful to read imo.
  5. Whichever it is, Cyndane is definitely (for me) one of the most exciting development of ToM. I have so many questions now about what she asked for from the Finns and whether she's actually one of the good guys or whether this is one of the final traps of the Shadow. It's definitely going to get me reading up on all the references to Mierin in the AoL!
  6. It really was intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. In fact, this was the one spoiler I read beforehand because I knew I wouldn't be surprised. This was pre-Moridin and the only Forsaken who could possibly know were the ones at the tFoH meeting: Lanfear, Rahvin, Graendal and Sammael. Sammael excluded himself in later books. We know it couldn't be Lanfear/Rahvin unless we come up with totally insane theories. It was Graendal. All the years of discussion and ever more wild theories were completely unnecessary and THIS was the reason that RJ took such pleasure in leaving the question hanging. Silly WoT fans...
  7. We do know that this makes sense btw because Moiraine says that she's not even strong enough in herself to be raised Accepted in the White Tower. It definitely fits. Not that it's important as such - just interesting.
  8. Obviously but Lanfear was protected by the treaties. That hardly precludes her offering some of her power and her beauty in return for being freed. The Finn's feed on emotion and taking Lanfear's strength and beauty would be an excellent way to make her hysterical, right?
  9. I'd have to get out my book but it sounded a lot as if Cyndane had been twisted in some way, perhaps by opening the Bore. There's been clues before. I'm sure Rand/Lews Therin remembers when he and Mierin worked together and she hadn't been like this. There's also the part in tSR when we find out one of the Aiel from the AoL worked for Mierin and I'm sure he thinks kindly of her, she agreed to let him serve another Aes Sedai because he wanted to get married. So I much prefer the theory that she's actually been twisted and is going to come good in the end and help defeat the DO... mainly because that came out of nowhere and I'd really not considered it despite the couple of clues RJ had left us. Also, one other point... did Cyndane's wishes involve giving the Finn some of her power and giving up her beauty in exchange for being freed?
  10. My bigger beef isn't with the fact that Brandon thought it was interesting (I definitely agree) but that he couldn't specify whether it was book 4/5/6 that it started. Any real fan of the series would immediately be able to unhesitatingly answer that the ashanderei was first mentioned in book 4. C'mon Brandon!!!
  11. Ok so I'm a bit confused by all the people who are saying that the big unnoticed thing was obscure and not especially exciting to read about. Considering that without it (and without Mat realising it) Mat would have been trapped in the ToG with Moiraine and Thom and they'd all be dead, I'm not sure how anyone could judge that obscure and not exciting. Without the ashanderei, we wouldn't be happily anticipating tMoL where we will find out what Moiraine wished for from the Finns and we will see Mat blowing the horn of valere at the Last Battle. I think all in all that we owe the ashanderei rather a lot! Just my two cents...
  12. I agree fains nose, I hope Rand doesn't start to see Cadsuane as his beloved aunty who dandles him on her knee and pats him on the head for being such a good boy. If that happens, then truly the world would be a better place if the Dark One were to win Tarmon Gaidon!
  13. I would go and warn Graendal that Rand was going to punch her very hard in the face. I'd probably end up being made one of her pets, but she'd treat me rather well at least once I'd learned to stretch my legs behind my head.
  14. There's no way in hell that Rand's atrocity in balefiring Graendal's fortress can be justified. I mean have people been reading the series?!?! The Dark One clearly wants more balefire used because of the effect it has on the Pattern. I was EXTREMELY mad at Rand. Even though I do understand why he was so on edge... he's had a pretty tough time.
  15. Great question. Nynaeve Healing Siuan and Leane would be a huge one for me. For her perseverence in the face of Aes Sedai pronouncements that it could not be done. On the same subject, the way in which Siuan and Leane deal with being stilled and don't just give up. From what we know of the One Power, suicide would have been such an easy and tempting option. Egwene naming Silviana her Keeper. Egwene story arc - from being made damane to being taught by the Wise Ones and how, through these experiences, she becomes the strong Amyrlin the Aes Sedai need before the Last Battle. And finally: Rand learning laughter (and tears?) on Dragonmount.
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