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  1. Well, authors have been to the Roseville B&N before, so it seems a likely venue. I'll be dragging myself out there if it happens. I wonder, though, how likely it would be that I can get someone at the store to set aside a chair for my girlfriend. She's got a back issue that doesn't allow her to stand long, and I'd hate to have to go without her.
  2. Ohhhh. Oh. You know, I'd never thought of that. And now that you say it, I'm willing to believe that's a possibility as to why the pre-release material has seemed so lacking in urgency. If so, the craftsperson in me shudders.
  3. I get that. It had to be explosive and deliver the climax that fans adored from the earlier volumes of the series. However, there's still a cost to that decision, and I believe that cost was making the narrative weaker than it could have been. (Not to say that it's not weak at all - I have my problems with TGS and ToM too, but weaker.)
  4. I think this is actually one of the largest problems I had with ToM, though I hadn't realized it until you articulated it. TGS ended with a bang - an eloquent statement of redemption on two fronts. We were pumped; it was obviously the end of times; the Last Battle was here. Except, in ToM, it wasn't. We piddled around doing other things, trying to catch up on what everyone else was doing. That momentum that was gathered during VoG was squandered, as we coasted back to a more leisurely pace. I can completely understand that this is in large part because of the split. I regret, however, the decision to split the material for AMoL thematically, as opposed to chronologically. I would much rather have had a slow but powerful build to a final climax than have that climax lose its power by being split in three. That's largely my problem with the released portions of AMoL as well. Aviendha sneaking around? Androl and Pevara getting into a philosophical argument about the fate of the Red Ajah? Aren't we beyond that by now? The small folk are all heading to the Last Battle; our heroes are converging. Isn't it time to be bringing out the really big narrative guns? Edit: As I reread Sutt's post ahead of mine, I feel compelled that it's not action I strictly speak of here, but the sense of foreboding, of impending doom, of *cough* the calm before the storm that is largely missing due to the structuring of the three novels.
  5. I will be buying both the HC and the ebook, even though they're months apart. And I would be equally likely to buy both the HC and ebook if they were released on the same day. I understand the objections to releasing it same day, but I certainly do not agree with them.
  6. Yep, though it lags as I find other, newer things to read. I'm in the middle of ACoS right now, and man, LoC was a slog to get through. I remember it being a lot more exciting. I have no idea if I'll finish before AMoL comes out, though I intend to try.
  7. I can see the 'Finns being modeled after the Aes SÍdhe, and the Aes Sedai after the Tuatha Dé Danann. That makes perfect sense to me, particularly if you're thinking of the Aes Sedai as being the draÍoght (druids). While I agree that the Trollocs owe more to fantasy "orcs" than to the Fomori, I can see how there could be a correlation there. The fomori are described most frequently as giants (with the aforementioned one leg, one arm, and one eye). (pronunciation: I'm not a native speaker of Gaeilge, but my Oide pronounced them "Ace-shee", "too-ha jay dannan" and "dree-ocht".) Though to be fair, we refer to them mostly as Daoine Sidhe: the good people.
  8. You know, it had never actually occurred to me before, but how do we know that Taim isn't mad? I mean, from Nyn's account, we see that Rand has been "going mad" for an awful long time now. Just because Taim appears sane doesn't actually mean he's not mad, it simply means that he hasn't indicated it "on stage." To bring this slightly more on target to the thread, I'm wondering if the same could be true of the Aiel in the Town. Maybe those that didn't go mad in the "highly functioning, but still completely insane" way were killed. It would account for the paucity of channelers that have been estimated, given the time frame and breeding/boys being sent off to die. So they kill the ones that rot/lose any function of their minds, and keep only those that go mad in one particular way.
  9. Have we seen anything similar to the phrase "By grace and banners fallen?" It just seems very awkward to me. In the text, if I recall*, Talmanes says this in response to his realization that the LB is starting. It's an interesting sentiment. I would think, looking at the phrase itself, that it would be more properly applied to the end of a war, ie "by the grace of the Creator and the banners of the men who fell, we have prevailed over the Dark One." Declaring the start of the last battle of a very long war to be because of grace ("by") is counter-intuitive. Except, I suppose, if you are a very weary commander, and you just want it to be over with. That's not the feel I got from Talmanes, though, even though he is tired, a commander, etc. It seemed more like someone repeating a cultural phrase they'd heard somewhere, without truly thinking through what it implies. It's like someone who doesn't have much knowledge of the American South using "bless his heart." *And I may not recall. I'm supposed to be working, not lurking on message boards.
  10. I think it might also be more interesting to talk about what we don't care for, and to hash out why we feel this way. I may not post much, but I'm an avid reader of this board, and I skip past posts that don't consist of much more than "yay! Loved it!" Where we disagree tends to be the interesting part. For example, when someone holds the same theory I do, I tend to just nod my head and read on. When someone presents a theory I disagree with, I examine my own thoughts, refute or rebut, and occasionally even change my mind. As far as Brandon's style, I'll say honestly that the little things don't bother me. Not because they're not there, but because I read *so quickly*, I tend to miss them the first time through. Then I come on the boards, read others' opinions, and think over what they've said. I think "oh, yes, Aviendha simply saying Rand *was* a bit odd." (This does not apply to "dreamshard." I gave my Kindle a funny look, because that is SUCH a Brandon word. If RJ coined it, I'll laugh at the delicious irony of that, but on first blush, that took me right out. Not much does.) NB: See how it might be more interesting to discuss the possible origin and meaning behind "dreamshard" that it would be to, say, discuss my opinion about any other part of the prologue that I enjoyed? Edited for spelling.
  11. Back in 1995, I was in an airport preparing for an international flight, when I realized I didn't have enough to read. I went into the airport bookstore and looked for the fattest fantasy book I could find. (I was, and still am, a horrifically fast reader.) The Sweet covered convinced me it was fantasy, and the sheer size of the paperback sold me. I finished TEotW in Italy, not knowing it was the first book of the series. I had to wait until I was Stateside to pick up TDR. I read through everything that had been published up to that point, and then started The Long Wait. I think TPoD was the first book I had to wait for.
  12. If you scroll in to max size, you can actually see Nyn's ki'sain. I can't tell if there's a kesiera on (presumably) Moiraine, though it does look to me like she might be going a bit grey. Reflection, like Nyn's hair color?
  13. I kind of like the idea upthread of Tam becoming Cadsuane's warder, actually.The blaze of glory part, well, I don't like it, but it would sure be incredibly cool to read.
  14. Just weighing in quickly on a couple of the things, now that I have some time. I was deeply disappointed with the announcement to hold the release until January. I'm willing to admit that - my instant gratification button is all about WoT right now. That said, I get why they're doing it. I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to wait to buy it in some sort of protest that would only be the old case of cutting off my own nose. But to those who think we should all be happy about the date: look, I'm happy they're taking extra time. I understand why the release date is in January. But the news still doesn't actually have to make me emotionally happy, even if I'm completely intellectually fine with it. Ebooks ... gods, how I would love a simultaneous ebook release. I wish there were more visibility for those of us who would actually cause an increase in sales if the ebook were released. I would buy both a hardcover and an ebook on the first day of release. The hardcover to have at home and curl up on the sofa with. The ebook to take to work with me to read on breaks because I just couldn't stand not reading again until I got home. Of course, that's probably not true for this one. I expect I'll buy the hardcover (and the ebook, if it's available), and take the day off work. :)
  15. Huh. So that's where she came up with the name...
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