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  1. The 4 books (magician and the empire books) are totally amazing. The rest after are just ok. Totally worth a read. I did enjoy more than WOT
  2. Fantastic thanks for that its easy to forget where people are
  3. cry cry, I have to wait for mine as a friend is sending it from the UK as a birthday Gift (I live in Denmark) so likely will be around a week behind everyone which I guess is lucky as Im still only on book 8 of my reread better get moving hehe
  4. I also think that its likley to be another golden age, as you say they are just starting to rediscover things and work together would be a shame if things dont work out.
  5. I havent noticed any kind of school, I know there where in the AGL as atleast one forsaken was a Teacher. Learning is done within the home I believe but maybe some villages for eg Two Rivers the Wisdom ect offer some teachings. On a further not there seem to be apprentases so maybe stuff is learned in the work place also
  6. Healing first I hate seeing my son sick would love to stop that if possiable. Traveling second man would make getting to work much easier. 3rd moving objects with air would (being very lazy now). fourth Compulsion when my boss or husband are getting on my nerves I could bend them to my way of thinking mahahahaha. (If i didnt have a beautiful son to protect I think I might me slightly evil scary thought) Ewandrina
  7. Er.. ..is Mesaana pregnant? What makes you ask the question? Could be a good twist if she is but a very scary thought Ewandrina
  8. I love this idea even if it isnt true its still well thought out good job :)
  9. ;D Hi My RL name is Heather, I am from the UK but currently live in Denmark. I am 27 (soon to be 28 shhh) and have been reading the WOT for about 10 years. Joining these forums has been wonderful as everyone is so helpful and friendly. It great to get others takes on the book and banter and the history and what will come. Keep up the good work
  10. I love Egwene, she is the one that I think has learned the most and TRIED to do the right thing. I know she has made stupid mistakes and there has been times she needed a slap but I am proud of how far Egwene has come since EOTW.
  11. I dont think Elayne is that bad, sure she needs to growup a bit and take that stick out of her butt, however I think it is accurte on what a future queen would be like in a place like Andor she has learned that she is better than everyone else and how to puch ppl around including her brother so what else do you expect
  12. I think a whole family of DF would be easily noticed where as a solo DF can hide.
  13. Crazy theory but her goes, The DO is vanquished BUT someone must take his place to keep the wheel turning or the world doesnt exist. For eg, Rand kills the DO and traps (lets say Ishy) in his place. The reason the New DO is quite for such a long time is that it takes him a while to work out his new role and how to touch the world, once he knows how to do this he then tries to currupt evrything and the whole cycle starts again.
  14. Enjoy: http://www.amazon.com/World-Robert-Jordans-Wheel-Time/dp/0312862199 Damn cant believe I have never seem this before, I have had to go buy it and will be unavailable until it jas been read cover to cover. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  15. I really dont believe it is our world, something close but it just doesnt feel right. IF I was to believe it was our world I would be thinking it way in the future not the past, we would learn about channeling ect and after many times of the world being broken devolve in technology. I do remember one of the forsaken (not sure who off hand) saying she remembered an elevator, so we know that they had more technology even just 3000 years ago so it is possiable. BAh now I am rethinking this is a tricky subject I just dont know cry
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