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  1. I think i will be scared to turn the final page!
  2. So from book 9/10, the black coats have started bonding Aes Sedai. Does this mean that they (the Aes Sedai) will suffer from the 'Warder Rage'? as they are 'techincally' warders to the Ashaman, but do not serve the purpose of them.
  3. as the TP is different from the One power, is it able at all to block someone off from the TP? it would be like cutting htem off from the Dark one, and as i can recall, only Rand has been ablt ot do that so far...
  4. the Second Age was known as the Age of Legends, and the third Age known as the Age of Prophecy. but is there a defining moment when an age ends, and a new one begins? Or does it jjust merge, like say, a millennium for us?
  5. I spit mountain dew all over the place when I read this lol Good beverage to spit everwhere though
  6. that is a puzzler, maybe ishy learned ogier or and ogier DF went about and translated it into the trolloc runes we have seen on the guidestones If Liandrin had a parchment showing the way through the ways... im sure Ishy can
  7. This is fantastic! I wish i could have a first read again :(
  8. in tEotW, when Rand is summoned to the Amyrlin Seat with Lan. Lan says "Taishar Manetheren" in a sort of "I am your homeboy" sort of way.
  9. oh man i am so confused. i think i will have to read the original post again for about the millionth time.
  10. exactly. he cant be LTT and Hawkings son...
  11. can Rand be Lews Therin AND Artur Hawking at the same time?
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