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  1. Twins from the Two Rivers body and twins from the Moridin body.
  2. From a tactical perspective, the battles sucked for me. The only one to show any tactical brilliance was Androl. The lava bath and the stedding trap were brilliant. I wonder why they didn't drop lava from the sky onto command pavilions. Or even use the ocean depths to create a massive fire hose. The marianas trench is 35000 ft deep which represents 16000 psi which is more than enough to cut through flesh or armor. Imagine hundreds of little travelling gates spewing 1" streams of water at 16000 psi. Where were the Blossoms of Fire or Fire Arrows? Would have loved to read about a full-circle Blossom of Fire. The last battle was far too tame for me. There wasn't enough Trollocs. Logain really did not do enough to merit the glory Min saw. Where did all the channelers go? very disappointing.
  3. He is a toddler. He missed the last battle. Elayne should have gone into labour as Birgitte disappeared.
  4. The villagers from Hinderstap (sp?)? Did they all die permanently?
  5. i would say the light since she released the bond. she may have been dark when she bonded rand but turned to the light because of the staggering amount of pain he endured. She was then kidnapped by the dark.
  6. They really can't be called Shaido now! Aren't they a remnant of a remnant?
  7. I thought it would be Moridin. Being described as a most logical man. I think he analyzed everything logically and found that the only way to win was to 'betray' the Light until such time he can return the favor. His actions prevent other, more sadisticor cruel Forsaken, from become Nae'blis.
  8. don't forget the Two Rivers long bow. only weapon they have that the Ashamen can't feel being used. take out the tower guards from a distance!!!!
  9. LTT is Lord of the Morning Ishy is Lord of the Evening so yes to your question
  10. He is just weak... he is sorted of blocked. in his mind the longer he holds the power, the longer the shadows grow, the ones he thinks will kill him.
  11. Very interesting name Mike Hunt's Here. How very juvenile and insulting to women.
  12. I just don't think the tiny, puny, and ultimately weak patchwork nation called Murandy is big enough to stroke Big D's ego. Red veils and Sharans on the other hand.... Little does he know that he won't face Rand on the battlefield (too busy with DO), he will be facing Logain.
  13. Andric was killed in battle with the Seanchan, per ACoS chapter 26. I guess you could argue that Suroth is lying - heaven knows it wouldn't be the only time - but there really doesn't seem to be any reason for her to do so. Also, their descriptions don't match. Also, I'm not sure the King of Tarabon would have been involved in a minor rebellion in Murandy, or taking a trip to Retash for a drink. So, no, let's just go ahead and stamp this one out early. Androl is not Andric. Yes you can stamp it out. But having Thera, former Panarch, in Caemlyn, a stone's throw from the BT, makes the possibility interesting, no? There is no proof but what the hey.
  14. I can't read all the posts here but did anyone think that Alivia might be the Seanchan with Egwene when Rand confronts them?
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