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    Moraine Lake

    Hi people! I just came across this picture and the name struck some fond memories for WoT! I know the same is spelled differently, but it still brings those memories! Also gotta love how this is in British Columbia, Canada :) Here's Moraine Lake! And here's what it looks like on Google Maps https://maps.google.ca/maps?q=moraine+lake&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x53775bcbf58ee517:0x42c8a7a2c3c05c95,Moraine+Lake&gl=ca&ei=IkXnUtGJPMX6oATJgoCgAg&sqi=2&ved=0CKIBELYD There is a place called Tower of Babel near the lake... (when you look on the google map) I argue that it's actually the tower which Moiraine was trapped in for such a long time. I stand by that theory, no matter what. LOL Hope everyone's have a wonderful new year!
  2. it was funny, i just just picked the book up at my local library because it looked good. After i finished book 1, I couldn't believe the luck i had to have stumbled upon such a treasure. The dark one's own luck, hehe. Or Mat's ahaha.
  3. Hi there Poetstorm :) you're right, if only the whole world were like that.. -sigh- we humans, we're just so hasty.. hehe Thank you for the welcome, and it has been very nice to meet you as well. Keep on reading ^_^
  4. Hello everyone ^_^ I'm sleek, and I am a WoT addict. there i admit it! I've read this series once over so far up to knife of dreams. I'm re-reading it because it was so amazing and i need to get back into the story so i can read the The gathering storm. From what i remember(my memory is horrible so please bear with me) my favorite characters and parts of this adventure are as follows: -Perrin Aybara -Ogier lifestyle/steddings (hehe) -Lan the Boss (:D) -The wheel of time/Pattern concept -the evil within in the 'good'.(if that makes any sense) hmmm im sure theres more things i like, but i can't currently think, because i just wanna get back to reading. I hope I will learn more about the story, characters, and everything else from this website. So far, it looks like I will get any extra information I need from here. Oh, and I'm quite sure I'll be able to have great conversations with the members of the site :) Let's get started then ^_^ Until Next Time, Sleek
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