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  1. That's pretty much was my thinking on why Oliver would of been the third to go in the tower. I do like Barid's theory though.
  2. Well other then hearing a dead man's voice in his head, constant agonizing pain from his two wounds that wont heal, everyone relaying on him to save the world while sacrificing himself, and constant tries of manipulation from every Aes Sedai he deals with, i would say he is handling it well.
  3. I can even see Thom, Noal or Oliver dieing in there. I mean you cant make a omelet without cracking a few eggs. I doubt he'd kill off Thom or Oliver but who knows. I have been reading a lot of George RR Martin's work lately while waiting for ToM so I'm never surprised when a character is killed off anymore.
  4. I recall from somewhere that the strongest balefire could remove no more than days; or maybe it was hours. Do not remember exact words nor where. It been awhile since I've reread the series but I'm pretty sure it can go back much farther then a couple of days. If i remember correctly they stop using balefire way back in the day because whole building and family lines would disappear when they balefire specific people.
  5. I'm not sure about that but I can see why you would think so. He could be a reincarnation of her husband but Oliver is too much of a player. Yes I know he is a ugly little kid but since living with Mat and the band he's taken a lot of habits Mat wouldn't like him to have. And the little that we know about Birgitte's husband, he didn't seem that type of person. Granted there is not a lot of information on him so i can be totally off. Just my thought.
  6. But there is something about Noal i don't trust. Maybe the lack of background history on the character makes me distrust him.
  7. So judging by the cover art Mat is going to rescue Moiraine in the upcoming book. Through the cover art it looks like its going to be Mat, Thom and Noal that are entering the tower but I have a feeling Oliver was the third person Moiraine was talking about in her letter. I'd truly be surprised if Oliver didn't have a big role in this because he is the one that is always playing Snakes and Foxes. And since The Tower Of Ghenjei is suppose to be like a real life Snakes and Foxes game I'd expect Oliver to be there. What are your guys thoughts on this?
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