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  1. She had been studying, lost in the books she had taken out of the library her eyes already straining at the small print on the current book she was reading. A History of Caemlyn. It was a boring book, written with such focus to detail that Carelia wanted to rip some pages off. Nobody needed to know that much about the city. The book even listed all the naming days of the Queens of the past. Definitely too much information. She did not hear the first knock on her door; only at the second knock she pulled her eyes off the text and stumbled to open the door. “Carelia Noradien," The mistres
  2. Will continue to update this post as I get more rp's done. :) * Novice Quiz - Complete * Arrival: Meet MoN - http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,17733.msg513306.html - [ 5 / 4 ] [Complete] * Meet [Mentor OR Roommate] - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Novice Life - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * One OP Related RP - URL - [ 4 / 4 ] [Complete] * Class 1: - http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,50974.0.html - [ 1 / 1 ] [Complete] * Class 2: - http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,51618.0.htm
  3. The past few weeks all they had been practicing was control. Kalinde was bored of those lessons though she knew that they had been very important to her. For the past three days she had not made a mistake. Saidar had remained under a leash and her head was very grateful for that. The constant headache of drawing too much power had been very tormenting. She hoped that today they would do something else. "I have decided that you have attained sufficient control to progress on to the next stage. You will be learning about the actual elements of Saidar now, and today you will be identifying
  4. This morning Kalinde did not need to be coaxed to waking up. She sprang up with a light step and was dressed even before her roommate had managed to open her eyes. The girl shook her head at the sight of Kalinde. She had been a novice for a lot longer than Kalinde. And was much closer to getting the banded hems of the Accepted. “Intro to Saidar again?” she asked with a wide yawn. Kalinde merely nodded while fastening the abundance of the wild curls to a ponytail and dapping some water on her face. It was cold and refreshed her immediately. “Enjoy your research!” She called out at the other bef
  5. This morning Kalinde had gotten up early. Her roommate had kept snoring the entire early morning making the mere thought inaccessible. Kalinde had given up and walked like the dead to the baths and washed her curly hair. It was about time too. Her hair had started to give out an odor of chicken grease after the hours of scrubbing pots yesterday. She must have accidentally hit her head on the top of the huge pot she had crawled into to clean it proper. She had been too exhausted in the evening to clean up. The water refreshed her and woke her to the new morning. And this time Kalinde did not ne
  6. Kalinde arrived early for class. She yawned heavily as she took her seat to the back of the room. The Accepted that was to teach the class was not there yet. That was not surprising. Kalinde herself only came in early as she had been scolded too many times for her tardiness. Marie Sedai had promised to send her to the Mistress of Novices for even one new occurrence. So Kalinde had gotten up early, well early by her own standards. She had almost missed breakfast and was not forced to sit in class with her hair a mess. She had been too tired to search for her brush and had just given up and tied
  7. ooc. So sorry for a late post. ic. "Let us hope that you are the last one bit." Carelia heard Cairma say and the tower guards around her chuckled. Such cold humor would have made her teeth grind normally but at this point she was too exhausted to care. Though the exhaustion and sore muscles that had been her torment in the beginning of the journey had quieted down. She had almost gotten used to the idea of sleeping out of towns, with just a tent or worse nothing for cover of rain. Almost, but not quite. Not a day went past that Carelia did not curse her upbringing and hope that she would
  8. The Red Aes Sedai explained her reasons for not wishing to keep the threadbare clothes. Kalinde nodded in agreement. At least the clothes would not be thrown out completely. She despised waste, and in her mind tossing out a good skirt just because of a stain or missing button was ridiculous. She was glad that Maegan had told her she could fix the ones without buttons, although that did mean that she would spend even more time in her quarters in this chore. “It’s not a problem Aes Sedai. I will go though these and fix the ones that are still salvageable for you.” She said and picked up a b
  9. Carelia looked at herself in the mirror one last time before leaving the White quarters and placing a ward on her rooms for the time she would be absent from the tower. She wore a forest green tunic over her brown riding skirt. The fit was loose on her practically shapeless form. She'd tied blond hair tight behind, making sure that the wind would not mess the curls too bad. It was bad enough to get the hair in order with the proper tools; she did not think that they would have much time on the road for her to untangle the locks. Her white mare was already saddled and ready for the trip.
  10. ooc. Thanks! Chores are fun. ;) ic.Kalinde was hanging out in the corridor that morning; she had a free-day and hoped to manage to sneak out of the tower. Even to the training grounds if nothing else. She was going mad staying cooped up in the Tower. Lessons, chores, and then some more lessons. Honestly she wondered if life here would ever get better. She still had a long way to go before she would get out of these dreary white dresses. She needed to get past the group of girl that were gossiping in the corridor, then she might be able to slip outside. But as Kalinde had not met that grou
  11. Kalinde watched in horror as Megain started to drink her milk first and then the wine. She was really going for it. But so was her stomach fighting against the liquid. Kalinde was just in time to step out of the way when Megain spat out her first swallows. The vomity smell made Kalinde force herself to keep from joining her in the bucket. She was only halfway done when Megain had the whole bottle down. Kalinde was not sure if that was wisdom or folly. She knew she would find her limit very soon and would have to force her way down. Megain had dropped unconscious. Kalinde left her bottle on the
  12. Carelia picked up her pace as she glided down the halls, her heels clicking lightly on the cold stoned floors. She wore her green dress today. The green made her bright blue eyes glitter in her face and she knew that the embroidery on the dress was just what she needed on a day out of the Tower. She was not usually so attentive to her looks, it was often that she simply wondered from day to day barely remembering to even change her clothes. But today she had a specific task ahead of her. She had heard mention of a wayward Novice in the Tower. Though there seemed to be a growing number of
  13. Kalinde had managed to hold her breakfast in her and was feeling somewhat less quesy about the whole morning when the Mistress of Novices finally spoke. She was suprised that the woman did not sound at all that angry. But there was a mystery to the task she was setting for them. Meeting them back in the same place they were breaking the Tower rules at, and 30 minutes before curfew. Kalinde bit her lip but nodded agreement to this strange punishement with the rest of the Novices. The day passed slowly and by dinner she triumphed in having succeeded in passing the day and her hangover in so
  14. Kalinde woke to the sound of her roommate getting ready for breakfast. AS she opened her eyes a splintering pain slashed at her head. She groaned loudly. "Are you ok?" the other girl asked and Kalinde just nodded slowly, as any other movement to her head was too difficult to muster. "Just a headache." she whispered hoping that the girl would realize not to speak so loud. She sat up on her bed but did not move anywhere until her roommate had vacated the premises. She took a deep breath and emptied the glass of water from the table. Moving was almost impossible. Her vision still seemed blu
  15. The dawn approached and the first light of the sun lit the window of the chamber Perine had arrived at many hours before. She had found that sleep was no more required of her. Sure she did spend a few hours each night in her bed, but most often it was to ponder on the world than actually close her eyes to the world. She was a Sitter for her Ajah and she had no intention of failing because she had deemed to need to sleep. And this day, she had a task she was proud to undertake. Not as a Sitter, but as a Mentor and friend. Saline would come to petition to the Red Ajah. The mere thought gave out
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