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  1. France was brilliant...haven't seen this kind of attitude for a long time
  2. Though I'm a germany fan, I don't think they deserved this one... Germany vs Italy. I wouldn't make any guess...anything can happen. As for Brazil vs France... I really hope brazil gets beaten once again
  3. I don' think any movie should be made...there's all too much information even in one chapter, now to film an entire book :? Though I'm quite certain that they'd find all necessary locations...look what they did to LotR. Brilliant. They could do the same as far concerning the locations
  4. Wow guys I just read book five again...remarkable, just for this topic: Nynaeve, washing her teeth :D
  5. Becouse i think there's already all to many of them...it'll take some time to read them through, which i won't manage to do...
  6. Lol...office of greenhorns just opened up here :D
  7. Germany rulez, too bad they're gonna bleed... :(
  8. Hi everyone! I'm quite new here (let's say I'm 4 minutes old :D ) Well, I actaually quite glad I found a place for Wot fans in greater terms.
  9. That's becouse they're all perfect...but now really. Any ugly women in the books? (Except the cook of Tar Valon)
  10. Firstly, I'd like to say hi, I've just found this forum... Well...actually he can die...or anything could happen. I've been reading through the last three books...well, the things happening to the ta'averen show that they might not be strong enough. I mean, why is that Logain and the others appear? I think Logain can be the one who has to finish all things when Rand fails...Or at least they're gonna get even more important roles...
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