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  1. I am currently listening to the audiobooks of Piers Anthonys' Incarnations of Immortality series. The fifth book Being a Green Mother is about a young woman with the ability to perform music that envokes magic. On her quest searching the Llano, a mysterious song and all powerfull song she joins the Gipsys. They are described as a peacefull folk that loves music and dreaming of finding the Llano. The Gipsys love to dance and they perform an erotic, evocative dance called the Tanana. Of course the Gipsys or better said the Romani exist and are the obvious inspiration for the Tuatha'an in the wheel of time series. But I wonder: Did Being a Green Mother inspire the presentation of the Tuatha'an in the WoT? The search for the Song, the way they love music and dancing and the similarity of the description of the Tiganaza and Tanana really makes me believe that this could have been an inspiration. Being a Green Mother was released in 1987 - that should be very close to Robert Jordan starting work for the Eye of the World (release 1990). Incarnations of Immortality was very successfull for fantasy in the 80s, so I guess there is a good chance that Robert Jordan did read those books. Is anything known if he did read or was inspired by this series? I could find nothing with the help of our friend Google.
  2. If you think Wheel of Time is good, then I dare you to re-read it. Believe me, it’s really bad. You can pretty much open any book on any page, read ten pages and then summarize them as “nothing of importance happened”. I’ve read most of them. On a recent discussion on RockPaperShotgun about Sex in video games, the focus switched to A Game of Thrones and then to the Wheel of Time. This came up. What to respond? http://www.rockpaper...comment-1019578
  3. Brandon indicated that they have to get food from elsewhere. Sharans probably make good food. I have been wondering about this lately, too. Even if they feed on Sharans - they can not possibly feed several millions by feeding from humans. Each trolloc would need more than one human in his life too grow up, more like 20 or even a hundred. For 1 million trollocs we would need something between 20 and 100 million eaten humans. If we talk about 10 million in reserve - up to 1 billion humans eaten in a time of maybe twenty years. That number just doesn't make sense at all. Especially as we know that the Shadow does not even have enough humans too create weapons for Myrdraal - which I believe is far more important than feeding trollocs. There must be some other way trollocs are feed - some kind of organization dedicated to growing life stocks to feed the trollocs somewhere in the Blight.
  4. 1. Pillow friends are lesbian relations between women of the White Tower. In most cases those are ended when the women gain the shawl, but for example Galina made advances toward Pevara even when she had attained the shawl. 2. As pillow friends are an "Aes Sedai thing" male ones don't exist. That does not mean there not being other woman - woman or man - man relationships, it just is something that is not hinted much at. There is a good post on this topic at the 13th Depository.
  5. It is widely thought that it was Moraine - attempting to allow him to leave while not making it possible. Luckers has a great post on the topic found here..
  6. Well - I also started cursing with "bloody something" however I doubt it counts. AFAIR in World of Warcraft there is a quest hub with people from the WoT and several quests somehow related.
  7. It is most likely something like this: The nobles she just was forced to punish for no apparent reason. However it seems like Bryne as her lover did something like "Morgase come to your senses - you are not behaving normaly", maybe it came to shouting or even more. This is something she even later feels is something no man should do to his queen, although it is of course made much stronger due to compulsion. Many people stop liking Egwene after some books, you are not alone. Although I have grown to like her chapters. I personally hate everything about Faile, she is just a bother. Although she is the source for most of Perrin Aybara's development of character. Well the plot is the plot, and the "What if" question can grow frustrating ;) Some reasons I can give are, that he most likely never thought about it and that he sees stopping the Shaido as a personal duty as he believes he is the reason they leave the Three-Fold land. And if it occurred to him he is not the one to allow avoidable causalities. Hope that helps.
  8. I like the thought of Fain being used as the DO seal. It reminds me strongly of the German pen & paper system The Dark Eye, where the evil Nameless God is "nailed" against the entrance to the demon's sphere - protecting the planes of existence from the Archdemons and the Demon Emperorer. As the Dark Eye is heavily based on real world mythologies, it seems possible that RJ used those source myths as a source as he has done almost everywhere in his books.
  9. I have to admit that it seems rather unlikely - him suddenly reappearing would very much feel Deus Ex Machina like. He had his part - and is history. Or better said - he had never existed at all :)
  10. In Knife of Dreams, in chapter 4 or 5, Faile is talking to a wise one - and suddenly the world "ripples" three times. Do we know the reason behind those ripples? It seems very likely that this is a result of belefire abuse, but if it is that, who used it on whom or what?
  11. Well, the consensus on this seems to be that the "He shall hold a blade of light in his hands and the three shall be one" in ToM refers to one of those things: a) Callandor, used with a circle of a man and two women b) the wonderboys meeting again c) rand's harem somehow becoming "one" d) All three powers wielded together I got two more theories to offer: e) Perrin becoming king of three countries He will be king of Saldaea, the Queen of Ghealdan is his vassal, he already "owns" the two rivers. Three countries - united as one? f) The "darknesses" inside rand becoming "one" There are several different bad things inside the DR. There is the rest of the taint from channeling inside his head. The never healing wound from Ishamael. The never healing wound made by the Shadar Logoth dagger. Could those three somehow merge and become one? /discuss
  12. No. There are no "firsts" in the turning of the wheel of time ;) Dragon is the name given to the champion of life. His soul gets woven in the pattern at least in the second and third ages, and this has happened for many turnings of the wheel. No. He does not have aid. He does now accept that he is LTT and Rand al'Thor
  13. I think your metaphor is exactly the right thing - there certainly is not something like a better or worse book between the two series. The only thing there is that both are very important series for the genre. You may like or dislike one or the other - but in the end it all comes down to your personal opinion. When I tried the first book of A Story of Fire & Ice I just hated it. It just looked like the only thing happening is brothers fucking their sisters - which is not what I want to read about. Aside from the discussion over WoT or ASoFaI: I have to admit that I am missing Tad Williams with his "Memory, Sorrow & Grain" trilogy in the discussion. Another important thing would be "His Dark Materials" by Philipp Pullman. In think we do have to add Harry Potter to the discussion - because it already had much influence on the genre and will have more in the future. That it totally sucks is something different. In the end - there are many many things to consider - and every list would be just your own personal list, there is no objective best. To quote "Dead Poet Society":
  14. beware: ToM Spoiler question I could remember this wrong: Edit: Found solution in another thread
  15. While a bad ending would really be awesome for the Wheel of Time, I doubt we will see it. However I do believe we will see that line, Moridin somehow thinking he won, and then IT happens. Of course I don't know what IT is. And then the book goes on.
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