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  1. Was the deerhorn knife foreshadowed? Or referenced before aMoL? Also, was this the first time we see bonded characters able to speak to each other via the bond? Have they always been able to do that? My recollection was that they could only sense emotions or feelings. Or was it due to it being a double-bond?
  2. Yes, but once Androl shows it off, it should be a major weapon in the arsenal. I'm not sure that it could have been with anyone for else. For anyone else, the amount of the OP it takes to make a gateway is prohibitive. You can generally do a LOT more damage with other things for the same ultimate OP cost than from a gateway. Androl is special, unique, in that his ability to make gateways is, for whatever reason, a Talent, not relative to his strength in the OP. Anyone else tries that, they get a couple out at most. And they were used quite effectively, by Talmanes with the Dragons. This. Also any other Channeler (unless another has a Talent) needs to stay put for at least an hour before they can open a Gateway. Androl is also (so far) unique because he needs a lot less time to do it. Standing still in a battle is going to be hard. But Androl was at the last battle...so couldn't he have dropped more lava on people himself? People in the series have alwasy seemed to be remarkably unimaginative and inconsistent in their use of the OP.
  3. Two moments made me tear up although I'm not necessarily sure that they were sad: 1) Lan being saved in Tarwin's Gap by the arrival of the borderlanders through gateways. Oh the relief I felt. 2) Tam lighting Rand's funeral pyre I must be one of the few who couldn't care less about Bela. Her appearance in this book was complete fanservice, moreso than a lot of other elements.
  4. Not really. I just figure we shouldn't waste time debating things that have already been clarified. And I also figure that we'll all be happier with the last book if we can debunk some of the wrong theories beforehand. If there are a bunch of people expecting the Power to go away at the end, they're bound to be disappointed. Same thing with, for example, Roedred. That one is pretty clear-cut so we might as well all get used to it and find things to like about it. Then at least we can have the satisfaction of having been right when it's revealed. Well, I guess I'm not worried about being right, and I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with the book despite my wild theories being wrong. To say that "they're bound to be disappointed" seems a little presumptive.
  5. Ah, Terez, you enjoy killing people's dreams don't you ;) My completely unrealistic predictions that I hope come true: Lan, Min, Avi and Elayne all die. Nyn brings Rand back to life and bonds him. As the only two true Aes Sedai they start an angsty romantic relationship Valen Luca turns up Lanfear turns to the light, does something awesome, then dies. Pevara (sp?) kills Taim Egwene is forced to kill Gawyn; Galad kills Egwene Slayer kills Moridin
  6. Couldn't you just enter a US billing address? That has worked for when ordering digitally distributed games from Amazon US but I don't know if it would be different for kindle.
  7. I love it! The Orbit covers have a great aesthetic and look wonderful on the shelf - they have a continuing theme and simplicity that belies the complexity of the novels. The fact that they have chosen a white version as opposed to the usual black covers for this final book seems significant and appropriate considering the title. ... Plus I was never a fan of the ToR artwork.
  8. Best. Cover. Yet. (other than some of the ebooks)
  9. Hmm, I guess I'm happy I'm getting an Orbit (UK) copy.
  10. I've always liked what Orbit has done with the books. Pre-ordered from Amazon UK for £20. Can't wait until it's out.
  11. How did Olver win at Snakes and Foxes? Do you actually need to cheat to win or just be incredibly lucky?
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