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  1. ummm... that would be Mat. He always goes his own way. Hates to fight. And puts up with the women.
  2. LOL! Galad and Mat. Oh Lord, how'd you manage that? I just can't picture it...
  3. I don't hate Gawyn. But I feel a bit of melancholy with what he did with the Younglings. I mean look at what happened with Aldric and Hammar.
  4. There's so much mystery surrounding Sherian. Which side is she on? I'm pretty sure this has come up before and if you think it's tedious answering this question don't bother.
  5. I would think there'd be a lot of "Lans" and "Mats". And who's Melanril?
  6. I know we all have our favorite characters. But who would you compare yourself to? Truthfully now!
  7. I think Seldy's got it this time! LMAO
  8. Besides it would be a major blow to the suldam and the Seachan to find out about the suldam being able to channel. She could totally weaken them by spreading that knowledge.
  9. Yah I was kidding. Egwene's got more on her plate than carrying around some grudges. Besides those experiances helped change her into what she is now.
  10. Give them a hell of a time as novices.
  11. Yah I'm a total B sometimes... In all truth Elaida actually annoys me but I thought she should have someone speak for her.
  12. What if there is no significance and RJ just wanted someone in the series to get pregnant? I mean if nobody got pregnant I think that would be more significant: No one in Randland is pregnant? OMG! What could this mean? Hmmmm... Maybe the DO is touching the world and creating miscarriages everywhere! Maybe everyone is going to switch bodies... Maybe they'll all become wolves and leap into TAR and start another world and Randland will become the dreamworld!
  13. oh... so that's what those other words were.
  14. Great I'm being supported by someone who can't spell "what".
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