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  1. The black tower actively recruits using traveling parties. Can't imagine train being unaware that traveling speed working. More likely we'll find out he placed an Oye that ask trips are on hold, unless he already did and i'm forgetting
  2. I'm not so sure. Rand, Perrin, and Mat managed to get an awful lot of people to Tear at the right place and the right time, from some pretyy large distances. That little confluence always seemed very ta'veren-y to me. I mean, Faile just happened to run away at the right time to meet Perrin? The girls investigations in the Tower timed out perfectly to get them to Tear on time? No, its certainly not conclusive, but it seems more than possible that people can be very subtly yanked from just about anywhere in the world. The obvious "super-wedding day" type of effects seem to be limited by distance, but I don't think those are the only effects of ta'veren, or at least, ta'veren on the scale of Rand, Mat, and Perrin. Hindsight is 20/20 :) #verinandmat
  3. Jave wee seen a male produce cuendillar? when will woot words be added to the Android dictionary?
  4. Where is the exact quote for that? It would make the difference between masking being something only bonders can do, or it being something only channelers could do (which is what I inferred from Min). Knife of Dreams Chapter 21. From the passage: The method Min tried to explain I imagine was the handkerchief technique that Elayne taught her. Ah, cool. That would seem to imply that the ability to mask the bond stems from channeling saidar, or a result of being able to channel saidar. Interesting. I assumed this meant that, similar to gateway creation, the method differed among genders
  5. Reading the Herid wrote again it seems clear he refers to the AOL as the 3rd age. Based on epilogues it seems the 4th age comes after the last battle. As the d has been r, I feel like it all falls under one conflict. Do we have proof the col is always the same soul? I seem to remember reading that rands soul has never been turned. Yes he remembers many pay lives but perhaps her is the chosen one of every third age. What is different about rands that both sides seem to be playing under special conditions? #sickandrambling
  6. It's important to note that Rand was shielded by modern aes sedai. Of course he could break a knotted shield. A knot is a knot. Picture the knot he used to secure callandor. I would imagine Langeaf took extra precautions, having known Asmo for a while, to create a knot sufficiently intricate that it would take Asmo hundreds of hours to unknot. Imagine untying headphones after they've been in your pocket. Now multiply that by 1,000 and hit yourself in the head with a rubber mallet after every unknotting
  7. I'm confused. I can understand giving away the first book in a series for christmas. Or even the first five or six. But amol is the fourteenth book,I doubt it would make that much difference to how much money the book brings in. Even without end of year bonuses all it would do is spread the purchases of the book over a few months as people can afford them. As a 5th-12th grader from a single parent family child, i received many WOT books for my birthday (september) and i waited till release for my present. My girlfriend preordered TGS for my christmas present. I bought the book, and returned her copy for cash 6 hours later. For some people, a $24/30 pricetag is a great present
  8. Remove all Ogier from randland to another dimension? As far as things that Must be resolved, i will kick a baby if we don't get some info on Avi's gateway. Perhaps Androl will help her?
  9. I don't actually think it rotates. I would assume the "rotating" is an optical illusion your eyes create to cope with the unnatural way in which the gateway opens. What you are perceiving as rotation is actually the expanding sides
  10. I could actually see his wife publishing his book posthumously.
  11. These were the only two i could vote for from a literary standpoint. We all assume Rand dies, and comes back. While i could go for P and F dying together, they can't both die is the TR is to remain independent. I've though Faile was going to die the second Berlain entered the picture. Now she's spoken for, but the payoff would almost be bigger if Perrin stays loyal, then finds himself alone. I know people argue Egwene needs to live cause she worked so hard to reach the top, but I'd be ok with her starting a snowball effect and someone taking up her torch. If Lan dies, Nyn dies, and i can't... well, I'll alloe it but don't feel strongly enough to vote for them.
  12. Aviendha doesn't need to do anything to avert the vision. She just needs to mention to Fortuona that she is slated for an appearance in Seandar for the outrigger novels so she should probably refrain from dying any time soon
  13. Very good question. I also liked your previous post! I too have founf myself coming to dm less and less as people sit back on their haunches and wait for their laurels. I miss the heated debates. We only have so much time left!
  14. The last battle started with the attack on Camelyn. Or perhaps the 13x13. Rand breaking the seals isn't going to suddenly allow all hell to break loose, it already has. People refer to the AOL where it took 100 years for the DOs plans to manifest. Today he has had over 1,000 years (via ishy) to set up his plans. Even if te seals remain intact, the LB is upon us and i don't think its the fighting or the attempt to fix the bore that will determine the final outcome. To know that, we'd havr to know what the DOs main intentions/schemes truly are
  15. I always assumed the AOL and Randtime were one age. They remember too much of the AOL for it to be a previous age. I can see the characters thinking of AOL as a previous "age" but so much of the world set up is the same. I mean, thinking about Ishydin having lived through 20% of one age and 70% of another age... doesn't seem right. Also, doesn't Brigette set a good example of people being reborn multiple times in one age?
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