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  1. I really do enjoy looking at some of his work, my favorite person in WoT would be Matrim Cauthon but I can't see my self spending money on the current image of him in this release. If there was a picture of him Commanding his men in a war like situation or standing over a map pointing at it with lan watching him then I would probably go nuts, I guess I'm more for significance of the situation. The blowing of the Horn of Valere anyone?
  2. Not much is said about the Horn of Valere since after books 4-6, Is there a chance that it could of gone missing at the white tower? this idea might seem kinda dumb but i just never hear anything about it anymore other then last I remember it was put away in a store room or I think it was, it was that or left in the Amyrlin's study which for the past several books was taken by Elaida a'Roihan, I don't remember her ever seeing the horn plus all the black ajah's snooping around the tower, there was what? 90somthing or more? in the tower. Sorry if you guys already talked about this or if this is a really often subject, I just didn't have the time to go threw all the pages in this post. But I think we can all agree the horn is extremely important.
  3. She definatly need' s to burn, the reason given doesn't really bother me. I have a feeling Faile is one of the most misunderstood people in the books it seems.
  4. Mat seeing tuon again. Rand seeing Tam al'Thor again. Rand meeting up with the white tower after the great purge of the black ajah. Seeing what Lan Mandragoran does with his followers. O yeah and I love Moiraine Damodred so seeing her come back, maybe lay with rand? HAHA man i hope she doesn't bed with Thom Merrilin. I know she has some seriously deep feelings for someone but who I'm not certain.
  5. If I remember correctly, tuon has asked that mat be brought back to her immediately and her word is final so I could actually see mat finding himself in a no win situation and is forced back. I also don't think we will be seeing any more trollocs tell the final battle, the trollocs that where killed by the seanchen might of been ones fleeing from the 100k so attack from earlyer with rand where he was making those death gates. Mat has always been forced into situations he never wanted to be a part of, I can see this pattern going on tell the end even if it is for better or worse. Also I think tuon is awesome as hell, and I like Faile also, if you think about it if she wouldn't of been an ass then perrin would of got his way and died, perrin is seriusly week right now and that's why Falie is so uptight with him all the time, I'm really looking forword to the day Perrin grow's some balls and stands up to his fate as the wolf king and a leader. Also note the type of woman Faile is, she's a Saldaean woman just like elias said they are some seriously tough woman that will walk all over you unless you take charge like a Saldaean man.
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