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  1. Wondering how this got so off topic... But anyway, this is a pretty well timed topic because I am actually currently in the process of rereading the part where he leaves Tear so I had been thinking a lot about it, so my thoughts on the whole Perrin leaving Tear to go to the Two Rivers thing was the pulling feeling he gets to stay in Tear wasn't actually that strong until after he is just about to leave and by that time he definitely cannot change his mind, when he said a hundred reasons to stay, sort of implies that these reasons aren't actually that good, whereas to save all his friends and f
  2. In my opinion, according to this definition of insane, before his epiphany in VoG, Rand had become completely insane. He was nearly there when he spoke to Tam, Tam/Cadsuane angered him therefore he nearly blasted Tam, his own father (or close enough) out of existence with balefire, at the last second he realised what he was doing meaning he had some small part of his sanity left, skipping ahead to the VoG chapter, Rand sympathized with the Dark One in his goal to destroy the world/wheel, that seems like not knowing the difference between right and wrong to me... Insane. A few good quotes from
  3. I believe Aes Sedai can write lies, because the oath is I will speak no word that is not true. My reasons for this is when Elaida and Alviarin send Rand letters, he asks her does the oath extend to written words, she nods rather than says yes.
  4. ive always agreed to this sentiment, it doesnt matter anyway, everyone believes he is linked to the horn (that knows the horn has been found) therefore he will get the horn from Egwene, and he will blow it, that will relink him if he is no longer linked, which I am inclined to believe he is already linked anyway..
  5. It was the Howal Gode incident in Four Kings that let Ishamael know it was Rand
  6. i'd imagine it would be a bit hard to make a building 1000+ feet in randland, without vehicles that can reach up like they do in the real world. That said, The topless towers aren't called the topless towers because they are not finished, it is because they are "semi-sky-scrappers." I have two references: "The Topless Towers of Cairhien," Loial murmured sadly. "Well, they were tall enough to warrant the name, once. When the Aiel took Cairhien, about the time you were born, the towers burned, and cracked, and fell." The Great Hunt, Cairhien, and http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Topless_Towers
  7. It wouldn't happen, firstly, the oath he gave to the Seanchan saying he would put away any ideas of raising Manetheran, secondly, the agreement he made with Elayne, and since he has sworn to andor, he would teach his children the same thing, thirdly, Alliandre would not agree to her country to merely being part of another one, she may have sworn to Perrin, but I don't see her agreeing to merging country and it being named after another. Thats my two cents, also all the other arguments that other people have made that I didn't mention, lol.
  8. Theres also the matter of theres 5 more ages until the age of legends, or the equivalent of the age of legends for the next turning, who can say what will happen between the end of the 3rd age and the next 2nd age.
  9. I was rereading and I was up to where egwene and nynaeve speak in TAR in the white tower and egwene has a go and almost gets nynaeve to drink something horrible cause she always lies to make herself look better. I thought does the oath against lying stop you if you say something you believe on the outside but subconsciously not believe in. such as nynaeve saying she never says things to make herself look better. Now I know she want bound back then but if she was, how would it work?
  10. You left out the other part of the quote, the part about "when the weave is done, it returns to the Source". So I don't see how LTT could've been trying to steal Power away to save the world. He wasnt trying to steal it away I don't think, I think he was just punishing himself for what he had done on a whim, since sanity was only just returned to him. Oh and I don't see as it refills itself, I see as once that part of the one power has been used it goes back to the true source, thats how Rand's cleansing worked, he just had to go through all of Saidin and cleanse every single part of it,
  11. You can find day to day events, i think in wot wiki but probably elsewhere also, that should jog your memory, should only take a few minutes to read too.
  12. I'm thinking any saidin channeler can see residue of saidin, and any saidar can see residue of saidar, but only those with the talent can read it.
  13. It's possible that it is much less likely to survive it because it has a higher electrical charge, meaning it will cause more damage/produce more heat when someone/thing is struck by it. But then theres only been a certain number of on screen electrical strikes, and some times after a long battle with thousands of deaths, theres been described as several survivers that are just injured not dead that they have to go around making sure are dead, they could be possible lightning strike survivors.
  14. couldn't think topic be answered in the ask a simple question thread..? seems an irritating waste of room to me..
  15. Because she has already been practicing for years. Also, I'm not saying it's going to happen...just that it's entirely possible. Again, she already teaches weaves to her damane. She knows how to channel. I think your getting something wrong here, Sul'dam don't actually ever touch the source or channel, they control the channeling of the damane they are attached to. Again, some sul'dam are more skilled than others, and they actually channel using the damane's power rather than telling the damane what to do. Again, this is what Nynaeve did with Moghedien. If it were the Sul'dam actuall
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