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  1. you want spoiler? I will give you spoiler! A Complete Fourth Age Text on Tarmon Gaidon & the World's Savior Collaboratively assembled by the White Tower's Committee of Public Information, with the aid of many notable scholars who know on which side their bread is buttered. 1. In the Last Days, all was as Darkness. And Men cried out to the Creator saying "Light of Heaven, send us a Chosen One who will guide us through the evils ahead!" And it came to be that the True Chosen was Birthed in a place between Two Rivers. And it is said that the fluids which gushed forth upon the Birthing were so perfect, they were as sweet as wine, and did cause a spring to flow from where they splattered on the ground. And ever after, the Winespring Water did flow from the exalted place of the Chosen One's arrival on Earth. .....to be continued
  2. 1. My friend give me some books to read, and I try the first book, and hooked up with it when I read the last sentence "The Dragon is Reborn" 2. Because it is epic? Because the point of view of the characters are interesting and never boring, I guess 3. It is still true, at least until we see the final book 4. I become a reader of fantasy genre, because the wait for the next books is long, I need to find another books to read and satiate my hunger for fantasy. And Fortunately I got some good books with good story. 5. Yes of course, if not, I will curse Sanderson 6. I hope It will be a hit in my country. Here, almost nobody know about it. I hope it will be translated into my language someday
  3. Hi, this is my first post, my first thread, and my first theory This theory concern the Horn of Valere and Illian, and what will happen in the next books First lets consider some things: But did the horn reach Illian? No. It never go there. It is hidden somewhere in White Tower, with only Siuan and Verin knows where. Consider again that Martin Stepanos, the former King of Illian is in the White Tower now. Coincidence? I don't think so. So I think that one way or the other, The Horn will be presented to Martin Steppanos, by Rand or Mat, He will be the King once more, and rally the forces of Illian to follow Rand to the Last Battle. How? I will love to see how Jordan and Brandon see to that ;D
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