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  1. Hahahaha, my my my Mr.Ares, no need to be so hostile. I'm sure time in the Tower of Ghenji is probably a little different then normal time as well. That could provide adequate time to pass; also how long will it take for Lan to travel across the Continent? Especially with an army in tow? How long will Rand take to deal with the Seanchan, White Tower, Black Tower, and his various responsibilities before launching TG. Seems like a pretty long to-do list , not to mention once it is finished he must gather his forces and decide if he is ready to launch an assault on an Evil Deity backed by hordes
  2. well said. Ppl have the free will to choose between good and evil- same concept in Christianity; man has the abilty to do good or evil; Satan merely tempts man to do evil.
  3. Remember, I'm arging from the point of view that the timeline doesn't really indicate we have that long to wait. You brought up the timeline first - in your initial post you said that Elayne "probably will not have given birth by Tg if the pace of the books are maintained". If that pace is maintained, they will be several months short of full term. If that pace is not maintained, all bets are off. They could already be born by then. If you wish to stick with current pacing, they probably won't be ready. If you don't, then born before, during or after TG are all about as likely. Your theory sho
  4. No, I'm pointing out that TG will probably happen long before Elayne reaches full term, so those babies will be born very prematurely on a battlefield. That's not a good chance of survival, and it follows from that that dead babies generally don't equal a happy ending. Unless you're really not cut out for fatherhood. Time is a wheel. (There is a clue to this effect in the title of the series.) All this has happened before and all this will happen again. In which case, the Pattern is a bit screwed next time Shai'tan starts getting uppity. And sort out your quote tags. It makes it a lot easie
  5. in order for the babies to be the blood on the rocks of shayol ghul, someone would have to cut em up. the blood during birth is the blood of the mother, so it wouldnt be rands blood at all Actually the placenta that is expelled (also known as afterbirth) contains arterioles and venules which contain both the blood of the mother and of the child. The placenta is actually developed from the blastocyst (the egg and sperm cell which form the zygote and devlop into an infant) which means that it is originally a part of the child. Therefore the placenta which is expelled when the children ar
  6. . The three on the boat are most likely to be Rand's three ladies, but there is nothing to indicate this boat will be at TG. There isn't really any indication of it being a naval encounter, after all. Most people think it will come afterwards, which makes more sense. So who will the three who are as one be? Could be anyone, really, too little to say. Rand, Cadsuane, Moiraine? Rand, Nynaeve, Alivia? Rand, Egwene, Fortuona? Pick three, any three. Well, KoD made abundantly clear that Elayne being alive to deliver her babies doesn't mean that everyone around her will be safe, so given her limi
  7. Yeah exactly the main focus was supposed to be on Elayne giving birth to rands kids at shayol ghul; the whole "him being one of her kids" was just a passin thought. I actually acknowledges what you said in my previous post; they are already concieved so they have their own souls and it's a one soul per body rule I think haha
  8. very true, and equally a possible and valid interpretation of that segment of Prophecy; the reasoning for my interpretation was that "three shall become one" is mentioned right next to "blade of light" which I think os callandor. Thus I figured that one woul deal directlywith the other since Rey are mentioned togther. Plus I am led to believe that callandor mist be used in TG and Therefore the two female channelers necessary to complete the link would be avi and Elayne bc of the bond they share and the trust Rand has for them. I couldn't see anyone short of moiraine or nynaeve conpleing the li
  9. Thanks to everyone for all the positive commentary so far! Very insightful. Lol "pulling a Kronos" that made me chuckle
  10. Firstly, don't bother with spoiler warnings. It's expected that people have read the series. A little bit of a leap there - after all, lots of people can channel, it could be others besides Avi or Elayne (especially as pregnancy interferes with Elayne's ability to channel, coupled with the fact that it would be decidedly out of character for Rand to take his pregnant girlfriend into the middle of a fight with an evil god. Even I wouldn't do that. Probably). It is unlikely Elayne will have given birth by then, given the current pace, but if she does give birth at SG I'm not convinced that
  11. ************Spoiler Warning************ Hi everybody, this is my first post. I just finished reading TGS and I was struck by a revelation when I was reading Rands confrontation with Tam and his subsequent acceptance of his past sins as Lews Therin on top of Dragonmount. Tam sys to Rand " Rand I think you can survive this. I can't imagine that the Pattern won't give you some peace, considering the service you're doing for us all...Youay not be able to choose the duties you're given. But you can choose why you fulfill them." This got me thinking: what if the Prophecy that "the dragon's bloo
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