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  1. I'd say it was more a matter of it being her responsibility as monarch to take reasonable steps to protect her people. She did so, so she is not really at fault for the attack, but had she failed to take reasonable steps to guard against it she would be at fault. Oh? Can I assume then that you believe she took reasonable steps to prevent the attack? Also that she would be at fault if she did not take the proper precautions before she left? You would agree to both of those statements, correct?
  2. Even if she didn't know about the way gate in Caemlyn, she also doesn't know that shadowspawn can't pass through a gateway. So for all she knows an army of trollocs would have walked right into the palace. Which they are going to basically do anyway, but that is beside the point.
  3. Does anyone know when Mat gets out of the tower relative to the other timelines?
  4. It wouldn't matter as Rand decided to whip out the balefire stick of doom.
  5. Really, the only person who is really at fault is Elayne. Verin made mistakes, but most if not all of those were due to her limited knowledge of mat. You can't blame someone for not understanding someone they have spent very limited time with. Plus the only person who is responsible for Caemlyn in any way shape or form is Elayne. If Caemlyn gets burned to the ground and the people get eaten Mat has no responsibility, and neither does Verin. Why? Because it's not their bloody jobs. It's Elayne's plain and simple. You don't blame an accounting error on the messanger boy. It's her job, it's her responsibility, it's her fault. Now who do you guys think is going to go to help out? Talmanes is heading in with the band The mercs around the city will certainly take part. Will Rand Egwene Elayne Perrin or Mat go? Mat may or may not already be with Perrin, so that could change things.
  6. Why do people keep saying Elayne supports Rand? From what I noticed it's quite the oppisite....
  7. Rand needs to get some fake seals to break for when he meets with Egwene. Mat would of course need to take part... hahaha
  8. Who was the man Moiraine saw while waiting for Matt and Thom to show up?
  9. Yea, thats a bit of a drive, even for George. If the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule the series is never going to get finished =(

  10. Yeah he's in Minnesota right now *tear* but I live like 5 hours away to I couldn't make it down to see him. Oh well. He's doing a signing at a Barnes & Noble down there. My sis lives down there, maybe she'll get me and autographed book.

  11. He will probably be all sad face. Though I think a lot of it was the giants just playing like crap. Dallas played a lot better but it should have at least been a close game...

  12. I know right. It just proved my theory that we needed a coach change. God Manning sucked today. I think I'm almost more happy that the Giants lost to the Cowboys than the Cowboys beating the Giants. I wonder what George will have to say about this? I can't wait to read his blog.

  13. Good sunday for you.

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