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  1. Mostly everything already mentioned but also when Rand asks the Borderlanders to speak find Hurin so that he can apologise. I had been waiting to see if BS would sort that out.
  2. I always thought "Mother's milk in a cup" was pretty gross!
  3. I'll not believe that you like Gawyn and his story arc especially in the last book :P Its not that I particularly like Gawyn at all it just doesnt seem to bother me as much as others. My thoughts are more along the line of - its a book so I'm sure its like this for a reason and I will find out why in time.
  4. I really hope its not Lan, I want a happy ending - with lots of back scratching! :o
  5. I've never seemed to have these issues with anyone's story arc or character or any of the books. I have enjoyed all of them. Perhaps I just get too wrapped up in the story to think about the details! ;D
  6. Why thank you!! Nice to see you too! ;D
  7. 1) The Moiraine resuce and maybe getting to know what she had been up to all that time in the ToG 2) I would like to see more of Lan's ride across the Borderlands 3) Who killed Asmodean!!!!! 4) The scene where everyone realises who Morgase is
  8. Which sucks because I am also South African and I really think Rand is a cool name. Wouldn't work here though!
  9. I dont think Alanna has been very good at "handling" him anyway.
  10. I dont feel bad for her when Rand treats her like he does coz what she did to him is tantamount to rape. I think she should release his bond. But I do feel sorry for her over the loss of her other warder, Owein.
  11. I like redheads so I definitely like Rand, plus Min's always describing his body in such yummy ways. But actually I really like Mat the most, he is cute and cheeky and never serious which is awesome. As for the women, I think I would go for Birgette since she's a tom boy. I also like Avi - she is hot but seems a little naive with regards to sex which is cool.
  12. Maybe its because sometimes Rand can act like the bad guy, there isnt such a clear line between bad guy and good guy in this series - thats one of the most interesting things for me. As for Star Wars, the bad guys definitely have a cool factor but I voted for Luke! :-)
  13. That's true, I never really thought of that. It reminds me of that convo Rand had w/ Moridin where Moridin says that Rand doesnt understand the true nature of the DO or something along those lines. I think maybe there has to be a DO, if Rand kills him the pattern will unravel or something. So perhaps its not about beating the DO but about restoring the balance.
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