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  1. OOC: Sorry, was trying to give the maturity appearance and the almost warder look to him. :) "But how could you take so much of the pain and suffering?" Cai asked of Dali. "Doesnt it just eat you up to see so many people dye at a point when you could have saved their lives, if only you would have done a little better?" Cai was lost in his own thoughts at this point, looking past Dali and beyond. Snapping out of it Cai nodded to Dali's statement of holding the Nothingness and immediately sought the void, the absence of everything but that one point of light. Dali walked around Cai, watching him as his expression grew from concerned to serene in a matter of moments. "Now I will test how good this Nothingness of yours is Cai. I want you to hold on it it as long as you can." Spinning about Dali came face to face with Cai "Are you ready soldier?" "Yes, sir." Cai said in a slow easy way. Dali had Cai begin with simple tasks such as speaking, walking around, answering questions and carrying out simple tasks. "Good soldier... now begins the actual test." A smile coming across Dali's face. Dali began with more emotional questions, prying deeper and deeper into Cai to bring out the intensity that lied beneath. Cai divulged all the information, small amounts of awkward and comfortableness coming out sharing such personal information with a man he barely knew. At one point Cai did loose the void when things reached to a certain point to close to home and Cai shouted out. They continued into the night with further testings on a physical level trippings, lashings, flicks, and touches that threw Cai off balance. This training was not going to be fun at all, Cai thought to himself, not at all and they had barely begun. OOC: First training done?? :)
  2. Of age? The Asha’man had to be at least ten years his senior. But Dali it would be. Cai eyes grew wide with curiosity at the glass sphere. The design was impossible, the brid was etched on the inside of the structure. How this could be Cai had no clue, but much already this day had seemed impossible yesterday. “So, have you ever heard of the Flame and the Void?” Never taking his eyes off the intricate piece of work before him Cai licked his lips stating “I don’t know about the flame and void, but I do know of the nothingness.” Sitting down on the ground with the glass sphere Cai stared deep into its depths. “If I guess right I am supposed to stare into this sphere to clear my mind. Remove all sense of thought.” A frown grew upon Cai’s face and eyes leapt to his eyes “My mother had taught me it for when we were save someone from death’s grip. It was to keep us sane she said, to remove the remorse and pain that came without position.” Taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes Cai did so now, thinking of a void, a black space in his mind that ate everything, removing the lost thoughts of his mother and the anger that always came with it. Exhaling heavily and releasing his gaze from the bird Cai looked up to Dali “But I never was very good at it, especially recently. I can’t seem to shake this light that remains in the nothingness. My mother just told me I needed more practice, but I haven’t had time with the recent chaos drawing me ever more into my work.” Looking back down at the orb Cai asked “I know you had already stated that things do not have power, but does this glass ball have something to do with me learning something?” A raise to his left eyebrow coming up, staring intently at the ball on the ground. OCC: Didnt think you wanted me touching the source quite yet, so I just made the light in there. :)
  3. Cai flinched from the razors edge of Dali’s looks, regretting his questions once more, but still felt that they were questions that needed to be asked, and that was part of a healer’s role. This man named Dali was something else. In his past years of being a healer he had never know a man with so many layers. Once you thought you understood one portion of him he displayed a whole new side. The man had much remorse it appeared from his past, not only from losing the One Power, but it seemed so much more. The warmth and emotion from Dali also began to reach out to Cai, something that he had not known other than Lily’s friendship in Tear. Perhaps someday she could come to visit, maybe even find Riordan once more. For now, Dali would do, even if he seemed like an off center fellow, Cai was beginning to trust the man… if only a little bit. At the slap from Dali’s staff striking his palm, Cai flinched and came to understand the black coated man’s place on this Farm. Though part of his spirit was gone, the rest was coming in to make up for last room. This man would be tough on him, Cai could see that clearly, but he knew that he would learn much, and one day soon have what he wished. “I would be honored to be tutored by you A..sha’man Dali.” Cai looked to the side from his salute, a small blush coming across his face. “But my lord, I would have you know that I am not a man of Tear, I am a man of Ghealdan, blessed be her walls” he stated making a sign of three points. “If you would be so willing Asha’man Dali, may we continue with my training?” Cai stated, an incline of his head toward the other man, a smile coming across his face. “Do I get to start weapon training soon?”
  4. Cai was beginning to be able to read the black coated man emotions the more his education continued on. There was clearly anger in his tale of this other man’s deeds, sorrow from being cut off from the One Power, and Cai almost thought he could feel a similar rhythm of a successful revenge that Cai longed for. Coming to attention at the end of Dali’s story, a little put off from the severity of his final words, Cai saluted his teacher from his seat pronouncing “Yes sir, Asha’man Dali, sir. I will be sure to manage my gift and to keep to keep a short handle on my axe.” A little hesitantly he continued “Then Asha’man Dali… what do you do here? Will you still be one of my commanders here at the farm? Or do I continue on to another?”
  5. After hours of conversation Cai was regretting not bringing his herb bag that contained a small bit of parchment on which he could be taking notes. Many called him intelligent, but he still took time to memorize something. With this much information he was hoping he could remember it all. All this talk about the Power and saidin and the taint (which he briefly remembered) was beginning to give him a head ache, but he was determined to remember as much as he could. It was also very intimidating come to terms of everything that was going to be put before him with the intense training and a good chance of him dying during it. Well he had come here to learn to heal better than ever, and to perhaps had a chance at killing a few of the blasted whitecloacks. It would be a good revenge... a sweet revenge. A secret smile began to appear on his face for a moment and then was removed while Dali was talking about the destructive power of saidin and the risks involved. Something sparked in his mind, that Cai came to realize as Dali continued on with his talk. "Asha'man Dali, might I ask, why will you not be teaching me to channel?" in a cautionary tone.
  6. OOC: Anyone who wants to watch me bruise and bleed are welcome!! :)
  7. Cai sat down on the rough hay-filled bed with a sold thud as Dali exited the small enclosure. "Only coming back for sleep?" Cai moaned to the air. "Looks like Im going to be having loads of fun here." But with a quick check over of the room, Cai left his herbal bag and ran down the corridor as the black-coat... Asha'man had directed. It was going to take him a while remember that. All of Tear had called them black coats behind their backs, but Cai hadn't heard of the real name for the black coated figures before today. Entering into the small open area, Cai grabbed a bite from the rather large cook who waved her spoon around like a scepter and pointed out the line for food. The meal was decent compared to what Lily had been able to afford, consisting of a good sized bowl of poor man stew, a bun of bread, and a tall glass of luke warm water. Cai sat by himself in the corner and finished his meal swiftly, as some of the other, younger looking, black coated men around him were watching him. Not as something interesting and out of the ordinary, but simply as another addition to the dining hall. Dashing back to his room to check on his herbal bag, Cia decided to leave it behind and wait to wash it in the next few days. "I should have time enough for that at least" he moaped to himself as he took off once more for the entrance to soldier's barracks. Reaching the outside once more he strolled through the Farm, taking time to note the interactions of the people around him, being sure to tuck any interesting tid bits and building locations in the back of his mind for later. Finally reaching the yard where he had first laid eyes on Dali, Cai went up and stood near one of the racks displaying a few black shafted axes, leaning his arm against one of the edges for support. He misjudged its weight and went faltering to the ground in a heap. Standing up quickly and bolting out "Cai, Reporting for duty sir" laying fist to heart as he had seen many of the men in the camp salute to one another on his way over.
  8. The Taint? Cai thought to himself. Another new word he had a feeling would be of importance in the future. So many new things to remember already and just from his first conversation at the "Farm." Cai began to follow Dali through the area, watching the hustle of the numerous people who were staying at the farm. There were all sorts of people running around at the Farm. There were simple merchants and shopkeepers selling their wares. It appeared that even black coats needed to eat. There were also women and children moving about the Farm. These must have followed their husbands here to their training and had just taken up from where they had left off. But there were also other black coats moving about, receiving pockets of space through the other masses of people. All with the same deadly grace and stone faced looks. "Sorry, Ash... Dali." Cai stated after a raised eyebrow from Dali. "Yes sir. I have no other attachments than my herbal bag and the clothes upon me. Which I would ask if there is someone near by who partakes in such practices. There must be a medicine woman or man near by for all these people." "As for channeling, I was told I would be capable from the first Asha'man I met in Tear. He went on about being an odd one in some way, but I think I can still channel. Will you be the one who shows me how to do such things?"
  9. Cai lowered his head a bit as the man laughed at him and spoke about how truly ignorant Cai was. This already was turning out to be a poor choice, and he already had a person who got on his nerves. "My apologies Asha'man." Cai stated, bowing to the still shirtless man, the new word awkward in his mouth. "I know little of this area and have traveled far to learn. I am afraid that the last Asha'man gave us few instructions." Cai stood back up and took a few steps back away from the Asha'man. "Im not sure how all of this works, but if you would be willing to inform me I would much appreciate it." Cai stated, arms spread wide, palms up. OOC: Sounds good to me!! :)
  10. Cai noticed the shirtless man gather up his shirt and place the black staff back in its rack. The man gave the staff a quick glance back as if regretting something, but continued on toward the new arrivals, specifically aimed toward Cai, same calm expression on his face. Cai readjusted himself, preparing for a scolding from the muscular fellow on leaning against the building, or standing on some holly soil or some such fallacy. Putting on an innocent face, Cai braced for impact when the man stopped in front of Cai and announced “Welcome, to the Black Tower “in an overly friendly tone. “Welcome, to the Farm” as he gestured to the surrounding buildings. The man extended a hand toward Cai in a friendly greeting. Cai sat there for a second, looking at the hand and then back at the man, the hand and back again. Finally, he extended his hand reluctantly to shake with the other man. Cai took the man in for a second, noting the firm hand shake, a very lean muscular form, standing a little taller than Cai, but more than likely years older. One thing that Cai did note specifically was the absence of sweat. Earlier he had thought the man was covered in sweat; however this man had no droplets upon his flesh, even in this staggering heat. He must be making it look like he was working hard to impress the new comers, what a joke, Cai thought to himself, but he put on a face and simply said "they call me Cai. Are you one of the black coats here to direct us to the living quarters?"
  11. Hey Jask... ummm I cant reply on the topic... do you know why??

  12. Cai

    Dia Dhuit

    Have to agree that Dumai's Wells is one of my favorite scenes. There is also when Egwene is leading the novices (wanted her to go mofo crazy on them) and I know its wierd but when Siuan is stilled and the first revolt of the tower. Was very emotional. lol
  13. Cai

    Dia Dhuit

    Thanks for the awesome welcome back everyone!! :) As far as returning I was once Kepen Fla'heal if anyone remebers that annoying kid. ;) But I have completed all the released books so far about 4 times, working on my fifth in anticipation of the last!! :)
  14. Hi everyone, Just a newbie here coming to Dragonmount. I visited this site way back when (like 5 years ago) and just coming back to visit and say hi and maybe even make a name for myself. So I guess hey and Ill see you all around. :)
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