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  1. As unpopular as they may be, WH and COT are among my favourites in the series. But yeah, TSR pretty much my favourite.
  2. Now from my position of being on the fence, and attempting to try out the hat of Devils advocate, my question/s regarding the quote above is this – During those 300+ years, would you not say that the current situation that she finds herself in, is in fact unique? I think you should read the rest of my post. My answer is in there. Hi, For what its worth i appologise. Perfect case in point for me to really have my keyboard confiscated... And internet connection Sorry Tony
  3. Hi, I’m going to pull a quote from the “Luckers... Official on Brandon” thread, as it was a response to Manscher’s post over there. Now just to be clear I’m not wading in on the discussion from the point of either, if Brandon did a good job of writing or not, or if Cads “Voice” was correct or not etc. I do have my own views on this, but like I said that is not the point of my post, i simply want to ask a question/s. From fionwe1987 Now from my position of being on the fence, and attempting to try out the hat of Devils advocate, my question/s regarding the quote above is this – During those 300+ years, would you not say that the current situation that she finds herself in, is in fact unique? Unless there was a real dragon born prior to Rand within those years, she has not been in this position before. Yes she has fought / captured False Dragons, but she has not had to deal with the True Dragon reborn, who is rapidly approaching critical mass, mentally (so to speak). Now as Manscher has said, Has Cads essentially reached her breaking point? • Her plans have failed, or not produced the desired results, • Her presumed final gambit of bringing Tam to Rand has appeared to have failed (although, In a roundabout way it did actually work), • And quite possibly from her point of view her actions could have just doomed the world. So I’ll ask another question.... We have seen Aes Sedai’s composure broken in the past, Why not Cads? True, she probably has a higher threshold than most for dealing with Highly taut, pressurised situations, and as you said her character proberbly thrives on High Presure, but Everyone has a breaking point. Is it so unreasonable for Cads to have reached hers?, or possibly, has not just reached but has taken a running, arms flailing jump over that Braking point? Anyway please, please understand that this is not Criticism of what anyone has said, nor is it endorsement of what else has been said. These are some questions I thought of after reading the post from which I quoted. I’m more than prepared to be told I’m talking absolute drivel, and I’ll happily shut up, and go back to my little corner and observe once again.  Lastly, thanks to anyone taking the time to read this, I sincerely hope it wasn’t a waste of said time. Tony
  4. Tixall, Staffordshire, UK (About 30 miles north of Birmingham)
  5. Similar to what I said a few pages back, but in mine Rand kills Gawyn as Morgase enters. Yours is more Jordanesque, mine is more I want Gawyn to die-esque. To be honest, i think he will die, either prodecting Egween or Elayne (i Hope, i hope, i hope :) )
  6. Just an idea that i like..... Showdown between Gawyn and Rand.... Gawyn... "Al'Thor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, It's time to pay for killing my mother" Elayne & Egwene.. "Gawyn, No!" Rand.... *Sighs*... turns to face Gawyn "Light, I did not kill your Mother... How many times do you need to be told" Gawyn... *Unsheathes his sword* "Enough!... I know it was you who killed her" Rand.... "Blood and Bloo..." Mat steps infront of Rand, faces Gawyn, Ashandarei in hand - Mat..... "Before you get to the Dragon Bloody Reborn, Do you want a chance to win back the coin you lost to me?" Gawyn... "Out of my way Cauthon... This has....." Mat interupts Gawyn spining the Ashandarei aound himself, ending with the point of the Ashandarei pointed directly at Gawyn's heart. Rand.... "Mat no!, i do not want him dead" Gawyn... "I don't want to kill you Cauthon, move out of my way... NOW!" Mat smiles, Mat..... "Don't worry rand, i'll not kill Little miss pretty's brother.... I'm just going to teach him some manners" *Elayne's, Nyneave's and Egwene's Eyebrows raise sharply, looking wide eyed at mat* Gawyn... "If that is what you want Cauthon" Shakes his head "Lets finish this" Mat..... "Bring it"' Cue fight scene...... Faints, strikes parries.... etc... Gawyn flows through the forms, Matched with skill by mat.... Until Gawyn swings a killing blow towards Mats neck... Mat swings the Ashandarei razor sharp, power wrought blade against Gawyns sword, shattering the sword into pieces, Gawyns eyes widen as mat spins his body and sweeps the Ashandarei in a wide circle , stopping a hand away from Gawyn's neck...... The doors suddenly open at the end of the chamber, as Perrin, Faile, Galad and Morgase enter..... Morgase.. "Take that away from my sons neck" says calmly Gasps from Mat, Rand, Gawyn, Elayne, Nyneave, Egwene Gawyn & Elayne "Mother!" Not very good i know, but if it was better written i'd quite like it :)
  7. Ninte calichniye no domashita Thank you :). Carai an Shen an Calhar!
  8. Firstly, Hello to everyone. My Name is Tony, I'm from England and a mad WOT Fan. I was a relative latecomer to the WOT Universe... Early 2003 (Just after CoT was released) and at my local bookstore had a promotion, so i got the first three books, and then got hooked. Ive been skulking in the shadows around this forum for about 5 years or so, and thought it was high time to Sign-up and say, well..... Hello :) Secondly, a thank you...... For keeping my relatively sane between the releases of KOD and TGS. Kind regards Tony
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