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  1. Kadere: Extended additions be soooo sweet. If all the filler, and the unnecessary decriptive details in every one of these books were removed, then the novels would be short enough for a 4 hour film . Just use 1 hour of that as deleted scenes on the DVD, and then you have a 3 hour long film. And now, with the new HD-DVD, I think we'll be seeing more possibilities for this to happen. A PG-13 adaptation would fit this film well, for intense epic battle scenes, and frightening images.
  2. But wouldn't a TV series, like a mini-series, have budget problems regarding the CGI and special effects? These books have quite a big world, with lots of big battlescenes, channeling effects with the One Power, custom designs for all the countries and the Aes Sedai and Wise Ones and Ashaman, etc. They all would require a heavy amount of special effects using CGI. A theatrical release would do the best job in that area. As for length problem, why not just add the extra scenes on the DVD. Lots of movies do that now, anyway. The Lord of the Rings on DVD had about another hour added to the
  3. Jarrad Darque: I'm still not 100% sure, I think Moridin is by far the best suspect in Asmodean's death. I just reread a few passages from th following: The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 56, Glowing Embers, pages 961 in softcover. Asmodea pulls open a small door to the pantry. He intends on finding some decent wine. Asmodea takes one steps, he stops, then the blood drains from his face. "You? No!" The word still hung in the air when death took him. The Path of Daggers: Prologue - Deceptive Appearances, page 33 - 35 in softcover. On page 33, Mo
  4. Let's assume, theoretically speaking...in an unrealistic world, that the Wheel of Time could be made into a theatrical release. Say, by New Line Cinema or Paramount or Warner Brothers or 21st Century Fox. Would those peope on this board still want it to be a mini-series? I think right now, a miniseries is the only possibility, but if I had had a choice I'd rather The Wheel of Time were in the movie theaters. Unfortunatley, Hollywood often ruins great books like these. Well, The Lord of the Rings is one of Hollywoods RARE good adaptations. But let's say, , for imaginations sake, RJ'
  5. I actually liked A Crown of Swords. About the first 200 pages continue the climax at the end of Lord of Chaos, with the Shaido at Dumai's Wells. There were some really good Mat chapters, especially with the gholam, and Mat's discovering of Shiaine at the horse racing stadium (the female darkfriend he and Rand met on their way to Caemlyn). Also, the scene when Rand, Cadsuane and company deal with the Daven Hanlon and the White Lions...and when they fight those creatures (creating from bubbles of evil)in the mist. Nyneave's close call in Ebou Dar, when Moghedien blows her boat up. Rand's cl
  6. Kadere: Wow. What a list. Some of your 25 reasons, I now recall, now that you've mentioned them. As RJ said about this book, it was very much more "quieter" novel. I still think it was 85% coal, and 15% diamond, but that 15% was pretty damn good.
  7. Without doubt, this is by far the worst book in the series, my opinion. It also has been giving abysmal reviews by many reviewers, for various reasons. But can anybody find anything "good" in this book? The Bad: Every Elayne chapter was atrocious and boring. Endless and pointless description which gave me migraines. Too much blabbing when it comes to internal thoughts and dialogue. Too much pointless description. Perrin's chapters went nowhere. Rand had virtually no screen time. The list goes on and on. The Good: I can actually find some good parts to this book,
  8. I've heard how lots of people hate Path of Daggers, and consider it the worst book in the series. Actually, I found book 8 a great deal less boring than Winter's Heart. Book 8 actually has a bit of everything, in my opinion. Yeh, not as much lot developement as previous novels, but still had some good ones. One of the most important developements is Rand's Ashaman starting to become evil. We learn of Mazrim Taim's motives. Rand also makes a significant and unexpected decision at the end of the book, y taking off with Min. The Seanchan battle scenes were also very good, and I not
  9. Well, yeh they definitely have a unique way of serving out justice. That's for sure. Not that I don't believe in harsh justice...myself..when it's necessary, but I still think the Maidens went too far...in this case. To me, Isendre was at worst a little bit greedy and overconfident. Not truly evil, either. After she realizes her mistakes, I thought she actually became more sympathetic than ever. She just had no idea what she was getting herself into. If I'd been Rand and found out about that, some Maidens heads would have rolled.
  10. I never cared for any of the Maidens of the Spear. They are the female equivalent of...barbarians. The scene that stood out for me was in The Fires of Heaven, chapter 29: Memories of Saldaea. It was a very cruel and heartless chapter, involving a woman named Isendre. Yeh, Isendre was a darkfriend, but those maidens were bad. Isendre was savagely whipped, badly beaten, stripped nude, and humiliated by getting shaved bald. Easily one of the most disturbing chapters in RJ's WOT series. The Wise One, Therava,is another one I despise...With A Passion...for the same reason. Check o
  11. Min is cool. She's one of the more down to earth female characters in this series. Also, she gets steadily cuter as the series progresses, from TEOTW to KoD. She reminds me of one of those girls in high school who looks plain in early life (if not unattractive), but later on in life starts to realize she is beautiful. I've known a some girls in high school with weight problems, braces, acne, unkempt hair, that kind of thing. Later on in my life, they turned out to be... beautiful. And the ones who were cute in high school, actually turned out to be not so attractive later on in life.
  12. I am new to this board, so I'm sure this isn't the first time tis topic was brought up. I hope we finally get to see a Wheel of Time movie. That would be awesome. I've heard the rights have been optioned, by Red Eagle, startproduction on The Eye of the World. Personally, I'd like to see the film become a theatrical release, because a lot of freedom could be given for the special effects and the CGI. The only problem, is length. Let's assume it gets released to the theaters, I expect The Eye of the World to be a hard PG-13, for intense epic battle scenes. The Eye of the W
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