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  1. which would it be?! Also note that you can have him combine books if you think two books in a row were not that interesting! I would have books 8,9, and 10 be made into 2 books. I really didn't like them! My girlfriend was rereading the Great Hunt yesterday and loves the series but she has troubles with that book too. It could definitely use a rewrite! This book is one of the two barriers for people who are reading the series. If you are of the opinion that RJ is not fallible and his books are perfect the way they are! Say so too, but defend the books in question! :-X
  2. Thank you Moghedian and Corki! I have to say I do enjoy that there are not too many rules regarding "signatures", "avatars" and names. I am the dark one at another wheel of time site, and I enjoy it thoroughly!
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount! We are a very friendly extroverted community that lives and breathes everything wot!
  4. Thanks for signing up Tony! If you have any questions let me know! ;)
  5. You know this made me wonder what you would call the end of the current decade, and the one that is coming up. Welcome to the 00s?!? Ahhh the 2000's doesn't have a good ring to it. Same with the 10s, but I guess those could be the teens. Welcome back Caddy! You have a long name!
  6. Hmmm I think what they might have done is split say book 1 up into 3 books of 200-300 pages and the same with the others! ???
  7. The K is silent! I dunno my name my friends call me, so you can call me that too! I was beginning to think this place was an internet ghost town ???
  8. To be fair its probably a pain to translate. Hello Vidka!
  9. I do enjoy how the forums are split up so you can become a member of each faction, I haven't seen it before, and it takes a rather large membership to accomplish that successfully. I have been reading Wot for about 8 years. To be honest I stopped reading it fully, and just have many many scenes tagged that I really enjoy, so i will go back and only read those specific scenes. The only book I do not do this for is the Eye of The World. My favorite fantasy series is A Song of Ice and Fire, but there really isn't a big community for it.
  10. :-\ ???:o >:( I heard it's always best to get to know people by asking them questions. Hello! I have read the wheel of time series and like it. I hope you liked it too. Lets be friends.
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