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  1. If no one of the main/main-minor characters betrays the light out of his own will...
  2. Myrddraal, Fade and Halfman refer to the same "thing".
  3. Perhaps the Creator is the Dark One's prison?
  4. This should be the aMoL's cover.
  5. Lol. Last year, when I was 13, my sister just bashed a giant pile of books (1-8) on my desk and said "Read". She knew I loved fantasy. I started, first the beginning of the first book really bored me but after Winternight I got really hooked and read all of the series, and said to my dad to order the rest from Amazon so I had to wait another month to read 9-12. Took me about a quarter of a year.
  6. Maybe they are related to the Aiel that attacked Mat after he saw the dead Tinkers? LoC 22
  7. My post count was damped when we moved to the new forum system. I didn't have anything interesting to say so I haven't said alot. But I read the posts. I chose express mail because it wasn't too costy. And getting the audio book is a bit problem for me, because I'm not a native English speaker and sometimes I have problems understanding some words. But at least I just got Phantom and Confessor. I'll have something to read until then!
  8. Ba'alzamon is Heart of the Dark I think. Lol, with which fantasy series you got confused with? Edit: It's Warcraft... not exactly a fantasy series, but still alot of lore.
  9. Look at the World map. The south could be Land of Madman, the west the Seanchan, the east Shara and the north the Westlands (Or maybe some civilization up on the Northern icecap?)
  10. The Seven Striped Lass is chapter 8. Oh, I thought Brandon said it is some kind of interlude..
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