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  1. I agree that Min must be in the series. Maybe she isn't my favorite character but she's far from the worst. However more importantly she has significant roles to play in the series. First you have the foreshadowing and narrative aspects (which are significant) as well as her unique personality. Her forshadowing abilities are really important when you experience the story the first time. It's only after you've read/heard/(future seen) it that you talk about cutting the character. Second and most important. Min's relation with Rand have some very thematic and psycological
  2. Rafe posted some incouraging stuff. Stay tuned for possible news at SDCC.
  3. There is a business sence if they want to drastically increase their streaming subscribers. If they get 20 million new subscribers worldwide with a $10 monthly subscription they'll get 3,6 billion dollars a year for their new subscribers. If you consider that LOTR will go on for 5 years then there's plenty of dough left for the other Projects. I think Amazon may be doing a big effort to seize a big part of the streaming audience with both Netflix and Disney having their own straming services and are creating a lot of new content. I heard that Netflix were planning to sp
  4. With all the rumors concerning Amazon picking up the series for a prime show. Do you guys think they will reveal/conirm anything concerning that during JordanCon in a couple of weeks?
  5. IMDB is good for movies and tv-series that's done and has been released. It's worthless for upcoming projects. Anyone with a pro membership can add information. Oh and don't trust the scoring of the titles there. There's been too many attempts by die-hard fans to increase their favourite movies scores and down-grade the competition. As an example there was a huge effort by some idiot fanboys to make "The dark Knight" into the highest scoring movie on IMDB, they formed a group of likeminded imbeciles on reddit and they all gave "the dark Knight" the highest score, but in order to make it
  6. Now I know what to wish in my next letter to Santa Claus. Timing seems about right as well.
  7. A nice effort with limited means. One problem 1 chapter > 20 minutes 53 chapters > 1000 minutes (~17 hours)
  8. Any idea of when "The wit of the staircase" documentary will be released? What state of production is it in?
  9. I've figured it out. Demandred is Hoid.
  10. I have read all 13 books in a row 2 times. The individual books have I read between 2 and 10 times. The earlier the book the more reads. The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt have I read 10 times. The Dragon Reborn 9 times and so on. Every time a new book came out I re-read them.
  11. I was doing a book report in my english class. We could choose the book ourselves (with a minimum page count of 200). I had read Tolkien and some other fantasy authors and thought I should pick a fantasy book , if I could find an interesting one. I went to my local library and found "the eye of the world". The cover seemed promising. Since Tolkien had been so poorly translated to my native language I had a tendency to prefer reading the books in the original language. Then it's only my comprehension that filters the contents and the book is not filtered via a translation (which can af
  12. I'd have to be the Amyrlin because I am of all ajahs and none. But since that option isn't available. I'd choose the blue ajah. I am on a life and death quest to get as many of my friends as possible to read WoT and thereby save the world from eternal damnation.
  14. Because of a temporary low financial situation, I think I'll wait until the last one is finished. I bet they will publish them in a special 14 part set (for a small fortune).
  15. Gambit96/38. Don't feel put down by the responses, but the snowed in participants on this site has turned the books inside out. They have read it from them back to cover, and pondered every conceivable possiblities there are. I have myself put forth what I thought was original ideas only to have them chewed to pieces by these ravenous bunch of fan(atic)s and enthusiasts. :) So come up with a new original take on a situation, check the earlier posts, post it and be a member of an incredibly dynamic, slightly disturbed bunch of wonderful people. For anyone who's taken offence f
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