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  1. Yeh most of my books are completely buggered, no covers, spines, missing pages, im missing the first page of the prologue to LoC. Im probably just try to get second hand hardcovers at some point
  2. Well the last time Egwene kept a DF(forsaken, Moghidien) on an a'dam, she escaped
  3. Is it Artur Hawkwings sword?(now in Rands posession, he knows more about it than he has said...)
  4. He will order her to kill him to stop him being turned to the shadow, as foreshadowed in egwenes accepted test
  5. The soul in Rands body is the same soul that was in LTT's body, and the same soul that has occupied thousands of bodies in thousands of ages, thousands of turning. The soul in Rands body is the Champion of the Light, and exists to fight the shadow.
  6. 1. Slayer has been killing off Heroes of the Horn in TAR 2. Egwene will capture Tuon and leash her on the a'dam, Mat will come to rescue her, then Egwene will find out Mat is married to Tuon, Mat will fight and defeat Gawyn, Tuon will be released, then she will release all damane. 3. Moiraine has been stilled and will choose not to be healed when she is brought back 4. Bashere is being blackmailed by the shadow to give information on Rand 5. Taim killed Asmodean 6. Taim was working closely with Sammael until Taim betrayed him at Shadar Logoth. Taim is now working for Ishamael. 7. we will see the Sharans on screen. Demandred is not connected with them
  7. Also how did Mordeth learn the current language? When rand mat and perrin encounter him in tEotW he speaks the current language, though he is described as having an odd accent
  8. You can tell that Rand knew that Kadere, Natelle, Isendre and Kielle were DFs, but i always got the impression that he knew one of them was a forsaken from the start, he just didnt know which and he didnt expect to. I also think Rand knows or at least suspects things about certain characters like Taim and Weiremon that he hasnt conveyed to readers
  9. I think from the BWB that hawkwing got his sword from the defeated false dragon Guire Amalasan. It has been confirmed that Rands new sword is Hawkwings sword. Could the sword though feel so old because it belonged to Rand al'Thor in the previous third age in the last turning
  10. It could be that the men arent described as young looking because the are meant to be hard looking and tough, not baby faced. Also keep in mind Aes Sedai look ageles because of the oath rod, look at the kin or the wise ones for examples of old-looking female channelers.
  11. This really should be something Brandon Sanderson should just be able to tell us. Someone email him the thread title.
  12. Live with Tam and Min in the rebuilt al'Thor farm, chopping wood. He will never channel again by choice, and Aviendah and Elayne will visit him by gateways every couple of days.
  13. Is it possible that Moiraine found out that she would marry Thom the first time she visited the Green Man? Then she went out of her way to find out about him, and thats how she knew all that stuff about him in tDR.
  14. @OwaynTheTraveller, are you talking about "The Voice by John Farnham"?
  15. So it will be a different site with a different adress? Whats the new adress? Will the new forum be mobile phone compatible?
  16. I was ten or eleven and me and my Grandpa had gone to watch a movie and we went to a bookstore after. I liked the cover and blurb of a book (tEotW), so i got him to buy it for me. Im 19 and hes still buying the books, the last one being TGS, and he will buy me TofM.
  17. If Australian fans are up there with the UK, US, and Canada, then Brandon Sanderson should come down here. Luckers, your aussie arent you? Use your DM powers to get him here for at least the aMoL tour. To Melbourne hopefuly. Any other Aussie DMer's lets email BS and get his arse down here!
  18. Fu#k yeah Dragonmount, massive hits. Fu#k yeah Australia, top three hits.
  19. @Myn0s if you could confirm whether your friends dad read WoT in Antartica, that would be cool as
  20. I think the Ogier were the Aiels bodyguards during the War of the Shadow
  21. Maybe the DarkOne gave him insight into his past lives and that was how Rand realised his past lives. Maybe Ishamael just assumes he would of been smart enough to fight for the DO in all his past lives.
  22. That was THE mort reckless thing we have seen any ruler or person of power do in this series. Imagine if Morgase had succeded in getting the Whitecloaks to get her back into power. If Pedron Nial had any involvement, Andor would NEVER recover power from the whitecloaks, it would of seriously made life hell for average Andorans. If Morgase really cared about Andor, she would of gone crawling on her knees to Dyelin and offered her House Trakand, then helped her gain the throne with the others who would never have helped Morgase. Her and Elayne border on evil in thier want of Andoran domination at any cost.
  23. I think(hope) there will be elements of tEotW Rand, he will be more relaxed, calm, confidant, happy, and practical. I think he will start to dominate Cadsuane, as he realises what a pathetic joke she is. He wil start to laugh her off when she tries to bully him, but he will keep her in line to keep the other Aes Sedai in line. And i hope he starts showing the clan chiefs and dobraine the respect they deserve. If these things happen i will lick Brandon Sandersons face.
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