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  1. What happened with Loial and the ogier and what happened with the book he was writing
  2. so what about spoilers? if everythings on the general board wont heaps of people get spoiled? i havent been on here in ages so ive missed a lot
  3. as far as her knowing the signs of pregnancy, i dont think she would want to admit to herself she was pregnant
  4. i personally think that rand will kill the dark one, i always have and im sticking by that no matter what anyone says. i also think that mat will die (saving tuon or something), and that the thing about rj saying that he was planning outriggers of him going to seanchan is bullshit. i think the world will radically change and we cant really say what will happen because we dont know what rj had in stall that he had the ending written since before he started the series, i dont think egwene will stay amrylin, that would actually be just pathetic, she spends the next 300+ years doing paperwork for an organisation that is irrelivant and that everyone hates? thats lame. i used to hope that perrin could go and live quietly in the two rivers, but i dont think he will as of ToM i think he will be lord(king) of the two rivers after caemlyn is destroyed and elaynes authority over him is dissapated. i really hope nynaeve and lan can live happily together because they are my two favourite characters but we will see what happens
  5. i dont hate Min, i just think she is useless. as other people said shes is just rands sex toy, and basically just a useless housewife who is nothing without Rand. i see a lot of Min supporters saying she is valuable because she kept Rand sane, RJ could of just substituted her for a flute, or some other hobby that Rand could have to calm him down and keep him sane. i used to just dislike min, but ever since she went behind Rands back to Cadsuane, she is dead to me and i just think she is useless as a character and a person
  6. interesting analysis, i just assumed it meant Moridin, as it grew back as Moridin came back and rose tallest as Moridin is superior to the other forsaken we think. i dissagree with your opinion/wishfull thinking that it represents Cyndane, i think the special thing RJ had in stall for her is that she will defect to the lighside. i think the best candidate for the tallest tower besided Moridin is Demandred, whom you mentioned, for me the biggest mystery in this series is WTF did Demandred getting up to for the DO that he was so happy with? i think based on what we saw of Demandred at Shayoul Ghul (sp?) is LoC he is probably an equally likely contender for the tallest tower along with Moridin, especialloy also as he seems to think that he is the only one allowed to kill Rand, and Moridin backs him up on that, or at least lets him and the other forsaken in that meeting beleive that (if you remember the scene im talking about)
  7. i say - Seanchan- Sen-chaan Mydraal- Mid-dri-all Moiraine - More-rain Cairhien- Care-he-en Nynaeve- Ny-neev theres heaps i probably pronounce everything wrong but ive been reading these books for nearly 10 years so im not changing now. i like my ways better anyway and i found it really jarring listening to the audiobooks
  8. i couldnt care less about those little typos, or rand embraced saidar errors, they are a result of the book being rushed so we could all read it sooner. and if you look at the early edidtions of all the other books theres errors like what people mentioned, Saidin and Saidar getting mixed up, typos, my copy of The Great Hunt even has Lan sharpening his sword under a tree (even though his sword is power-wrought) an error that was corrected in later editions of The Great Hunt, just like all the errors and typos etc. in ToM will be changed later on. just be grateful we got to get the book as soon as we did
  9. yeh a bought a really terrible version of it at borders, it was just a small paperback and it had no colour images or anything in it. what exactly is in the proper version? i heard there are some maps and drawings. does anyone know where i could buy the original colour hard back of the guide in Australia? preferably not on the internet but a store?
  10. just adressing the viewing of Logain stepping over a paper-mache' Rand, is this the Ashaman Rand sent in disguise to the Black Tower?
  11. Graendal can see the weaves when Moridin channels in front of her. And yet, it takes Moghedien awhile to realize what Rand is doing when he escapes the domination bands? What's up with that? Assume you meant Semi. Graendal mentions that you can't see True Power weaves unless you also have access to it. At the time Graendal sees Moridin's weaves we know that she has been granted the privilege of using it on a limited basis. At the time that Rand kills Semi with the True Power Semi did not have access to it. i thought that there was a quote somewhere that said only the person wielding the true power can feel it in themselves? when i read Graendal sensing Moridins true power weaves i thought it was a mistake
  12. Both, we see Halima (Aran'gar) try using saidin on it in Salidar with no effect. But it can only block direct effects (ie: weaves targeted at Mat) whereas indirect effect such as objects thrown with the power or lightning bolts created with the power can still effect him. This condition applies to both saidin and saidar. i wonder, can a ball of fire woven with the power hit him? because i know Cyndanes ball of fire unraveled on Alivia using Cadsuanes ter'angreal, but is Mats the same? and it doesnt make much sense to me that a bolt of lightning could hit him but a ball of fire could.
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