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  1. Terrible casting choices. The reason GoT was so successful is that they stayed true to the ethnicity that the author described in the books. So many of the choices for this TV adaptation are just diversity for the sake of diversity. They have strayed too far from the story and the show will suffer as a result. It's too bad.
  2. So, I found it interesting, when Jain sacrifices himself for Mat and Thom, he reveals himself and Mat doesn't miss a beat. Mat just acknowledges him as Jain. So did Mat know Noal was Jain the entire time?
  3. Murandy makes no sense. Think about it.. what would Demandred do with this army from Murandy? Send them against the forces of the light.. alongside Trollocs and Myrdraal? Remember, these are Randland Proper people.. most of whom are not Darkfriends and "walk in the light". Just because their leader may be one of the Forsaken, he would not be able to convince them to march alongside obvious forces of darkness. About all Demandred could do is assume power in Murandy and KEEP the fighting men there from entering the fray on the side of the forces of light. I just don't think this is a
  4. They are definitely from Shara. Here is what we know about Shara: - Sharan residents go veiled at all times. - We know there is anarchy and chaos in Shara, sparked by the dissapearance of the rulers of Shara - the Sh'boan and Sh'botay. - We know the Sh'boan and Sh'botay were captured by Graendal and made into her playthings - We know Demandred's whereabouts have been unknown for the entire series but he has been preparing an army for the Dark One. Therefore, since we know Demandred will appear in AMoL with a new army, it is likely that he has taken control of Shara and the
  5. So, has anyone ever wondered how the Seanchan get all of the a'dam? The only reasonable explanation is that they have someone who is able to create ter'angreal, right?
  6. I am not sure where you guys are getting the "Olver is a sociopath" idea. Just because he wants revenge on who killed his father? By that logic, every major Light-side character in the book would be a sociopath. Perrin for wanting to kill Slayer on behalf of Hopper; Rand killing Rahvin on behalf of Morgase; Mat killing the gohlem on behalf of Tylin. This list goes on and on. I thought Olver was acting like a pretty typical kid.
  7. Anyone have any idea who the strange Aiel-like people were in the Epilogue at the end of the book? Almost reminded me of the Aelfinn/Eilfinn. What the heck were they?
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