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  1. I know the very final scene (Rand walking away) was written by RJ himself so that, at least, was definitely planned
  2. Re Mat/Min: There was plenty of time available for off-screen interaction during Mat/Elmindreda at the White Tower and ... I think they were in Salidar at the same time. It's not hard to see someone wearing a dumb hat a few times in a row (at Salidar) to recognize it or someone like Elayne complains about his hat in front of her. Min, or someone else, could have passed on the Mat viewings to him etc... we don't need to see information repeated.
  3. Moridin, near the end (not insane Ishamael), was the most interesting I felt. He wasn't in it because he hated Rand or desired power (i.e. stereotypical villain motives) but had rather reached his decision to be evil through a series of logical deductions. All of his scenes with Rand were among the most interesting in the series because they weren't *just* attacking one another but were often calm, philosophic discussions and revealed Moridin to be a much more complex character than Lanfear, Graendal etc... But seriously though, NARG for life.
  4. Fain's death, along with the other forsaken, was what he deserved. Short, brutal and without note or fanfare. All villains aim for fame, to go down in history wrecking havoc and destruction so the worst possible outcome for them would be to be put down like a rabid animal and forgotten. Demandred: Wanted to go down dueling the Dragon. Got killed by a mere powerless human. Moridin: Wanted to end the World and existence. Was a conduit for its salvation. Moghedien: Captured and forgotten Lanfear: Died alone and forgotten. Neck snapped almost as an afterthought. Padan fain: Gloried in the great evil he had become. Poked with a knife and a quip. etc...
  5. Finished it last night ~2am and absolutely loved all of it. To be honest I'm a little surprised at some of the vitriol/disappointment in this thread about the ending. Was it perfect? No, but the books have never been perfect. Re: not having an extended epilogue like LOTR did ... 1) I always read the books as if it were Loial himself writing them and I'm guessing Loial stopped following Elayne, Perrin et al's every movement after the battle at Shayol Ghul 2) We know what happens to the characters so writing it in is redundant. Elayne goes on to become a brilliant queen of Andor, possibly its greatest. Aviendha goes back and continues her wise womaning. Min and Mat follow Tuon across the Ocean to reclaim Seanchan and ... I like to think Min leaves and finds Rand after some time. Perrin goes back to the Two Rivers and settles down with Faile. Galad and Berelain hook up and make beautiful children. And Rand ... I imagine him travelling around healing the land, going back to visit Tam (incognito, but Tam figures him out after). Nynaeve and Lan resettle Malkier... so we know what happens to everyone and I'm glad it wasn't spelled out for us. But my thoughts on the final book: 1) Lan roflstomping Demandred was amazing. 2) Olver's horn blowing scene was heart wrenching. The idea that a child, alone, terrified and hurt turns the tide of the final battle sent chills up my spine. 3) Bela's death affected me the most of everyone in the book. I had always pictured Rand riding away on Bela at the end :( 4) Rand/Mat's bragging scene was hilarious. 5) Hinderstap! 6) Every single major character in the series was involved in the last battle... which I didn't think would happen. Pleasantly surprising. Though I guess we missed out on .... 7) Morgase. Is it her character arc that's supposedly being published in a fantasy anthology later? All in all, I enjoyed it. Was I hoping for a Rand/Mat/Perrin scene together? Yes, but the wheel weaves as the wheel will and thus I am satisfied with what was.
  6. The darkhound gun has already been shot many times. In addition to Moiraine's fight with them Rand has fought them more than once and Nynaeve has as well in the test to be AS. (I don't know how she knew that they were darkhounds or her knowledge of BF. She did it once, yes, but there is no indication she knew what she was doing or remembered it; she didn't even know what it was.) I disagree that we have seen Lanfear quite a bit in T'A'R. She entered Rand's dreams a couple times, but she didn't really do anything of worth. In the age of legends, Lanfear was supposedly able to destroy a number of key figures by attacking them in their dreams. I think she is working on working on Rand, now. Then again, the more I think about it the less I think that Lanfear using T'A'R is the gun, though. But the giant darkhound pack that's repeatedly referred to throughout the series has not been fired. The pack that circled around Perrin's camp in CoT is still just running amok without having done anything. Yes we've seen individual dark hounds but not the pack.
  7. No one else thinks the darkhounds are far and away the simplest explanation? Mat's luck has been played out thoroughly throughout the series and we've already seen quite a bit of Lanfear in TAR. That darkhound pack is the only thing that's repeatedly referred to throughout the series without anything happening with them.
  8. After flipping quickly through the book that big pack of darkhounds get introduced in chapter 33. My guess is that big pack of darkhounds.
  9. I used "blood and bloody ashes" a lot, actually. I also say "Tai shar, Manetheren" a lot, and people just look at me like I need more medication! I've started doing that as well :s Blood and ashes its gotten hard to stop.
  10. Wasn't there a random extra person on the TEotW cover? But I really *really* like the e-book covers.
  11. I was out on a research trip (for grad school) to Chicago (I was out of country), I was held up at the border but miraculously conjured the information they needed up on random chance, my samples were delayed but the lab *just* happened to have everything I needed to remake them, the samples somehow ended up turning out better than the ones I made back home, I got detained on the way back in to Canada by customs but the guy who was supposed to search my car was an old friend from elementary/high school. After all was said and done I got to use a line I've been waiting years to use. First thing I said to my girlfriend after getting back to the apartment: "I have more flaming luck than Matrim bloody Cauthon".
  12. Okay, so this is how I think it'll all go down: 1) Moiraine shows up and b-slaps Egwene. She gets all up in her grill like "RAND IS RIGHT ABOUT THE SEALS AND UR DUMB" 2) Egwene doesn't listen, she ports an army right into Tarwin's gap and saves Lan as he's about to be overrun. 3) Mat rushes in, saves Caemlyn and plugs the waygate. 4) Rand Ta'averen's Fortuona and convinces her to show up at the field of Merrilor. 5) There Rand is about to announce the Dragon's peace when Aviendha shows up and is all like "NNNOOOOOOOOOOO INCLUDE THE AIEL" 6) Min figures out Callandor, Nyneave and Moiraine go to the bore with him and help him seal it. 7) Battles 8) Rand dies but shows up in MEA's dreams every night.
  13. Um, no she didn't. Thanks for the polite and constructive reply. That really helped clarify things. What else is there to say? She didn't say that. What am I supposed to show you? It's a simple either/or thing. Which one, she said that she wasn't as strong in the power as she used to be and she also said that she'll be stronger in the power.
  14. Um, no she didn't. Thanks for the polite and constructive reply. That really helped clarify things.
  15. Personally, I'm intrigued by her statement that "With it I'll be very strong, stronger in the Power than before I was taken." about a page after she said that she wasn't as strong as she used to be, even with the Angreal. Confusing. And was the BUT just the thing with Moiraine and Thom?Nevermind, figured it out.
  16. After an angry prologue (I'm upset with you right now Brandon) and a few "awwww" moments I read the scene right before page 200. And read it again. And again. And again. I had tears in my eyes then, and just about teared up thinking about it this morning on the bus. What are your thoughts? Is *that* scene contender for one of the best in the series? Edit: maybe this should be moved? I'm avoiding the spoiler board until I finish the book so I came here but ... I dunno
  17. What the heck happened to my Shevan/Mesaana theory post?

  18. Really? You guys found that? There were a few jarring scenes but I think I only found them jarring because I was trying to look to see how Brandon's writing was different. Once I got past that I didn't really care and was swept along with the story. I'm sorry you're not enjoying it, but I'm glad I did :)
  19. How can Trollocs read the guidestones to navigate the ways? Can trollocs read Ogier script?
  20. Me writing up this theory has been postponed until I finish book 12, partly because new info keeps coming up and partly because I'd rather read the book than write :)
  21. Hey, don't hate it before you read it :p Afterwards you'll be perfectly entitled to hating. I must admit, your response made me laugh pretty hard.
  22. I'm currently fleshing out 2 intertwining theories for the end of the series involving balance between light and the shadow, paradoxes and Min as the creator incarnate (I didn't say it wasn't a crazy theory). Stand by for a healthy dose of crazy coming up this evening!
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