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  1. It's sad but I'm a high school drop out, so if I was smarter I would say Mat but since I'm not as smart as some I would have to say Perrin. Not that I think he is dumb but simple and would be able to talk in away that any one could understand
  2. Min. Sexy, bit of a smart ass, will be who she is no matter what.
  3. I have a lot but the first that came to mind is at the end of book six [lord of chaos] when Perrin is about to go save Rand and says he'll do it alone if he has to. Lolial respones " Not alone, never alone so long as I'm here Perrin" great scene
  4. I am currently reading Dune. My next read i think will be a third re-read of The Wheel of Time
  5. I'm new here. Wanted to stop by and say hi.
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