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  1. Egwene - Elayne??? Elayne barely wins out the hate award When she was questioning Perrin and Faile and asking why she shouldn't execute him??? That was ridiculous on so many levels I can barely contain myself. I loved Perrin's response that Rand wouldn't like that very much!
  2. 1. Dumais Wells - Too Badass and pivital to not be #1 2. A Making - I can't put the words to it, other than I have never felt such connection to a chacter as much as when Perrin swung his hammer to imprint the image of Hopper on his new hammer. 3. Six Stories - Mat at his most heroic awesomeness 4-10 All the top Mat Chapters - Did I mention Mat is awesome
  3. Voted Egwene. Not even close. Extreme unjustified arrogance.
  4. Gawyn is of course the most irritating. Although he did go up a few notches with his badassery with the Bloodknives. However I had to vote for Lan. I have always loved Lan's character. But his decision to ride off to his certain death is ridiculious.
  5. Nynaeve. She understands the faults of Aes Sedai and is not afraid to voice them. She understands that being Aes Sedai is a title and not much more. Her power and passion has nothing to do with that title, and she will fight along side Rand regardless of being Aes Sedai or not.
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