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  1. Durinax, remember that it is described as being deceptively cheerful. Also, think of how it spread through the Band like wildfire. A catchy tune like this would do just that, not a march. After all, Mat was the one who taught it to everyone! Could you picture Mat singing a slower march? More in character for him to sing this, especially with the whistling. As another poster said, they probably sang this in taverns and around campfires.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Just right-click on the download link then choose Save target as or Save link as.
  3. Stop whatever you're doing, and listen to this amazing fan's imagining of what Dance with Jak o' the Shadows might have sounded like. http://fawm.org/songs/28759/
  4. Alexander the Great is a perfect example. Talk about ta'veren! I mean by 18 years old he's already a badass at war, enough so that men twice his age are willing to put their lives in his hands. Then when you look at what he accomplished... Great call!
  5. Just idle musing, but have you ever wondered what other people, both real and fictional, might be considered Ta'veren outside of the Wheel of Time series? People who seem to shape events and other people in the world around them? Fictional examples off the top of my head would be the Skywalkers from Star Wars or Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. Real life examples might be William Wallace, or perhaps even someone like Steve Jobs from Apple. I'm not Mac fan but one cannot help but be amazed by anyone who can revolutionize and entire industry (if not the world) more than one time. He did it
  6. For years I've always wondered what an Aes Sedai would look like in real life. How would an ageless face look? How would they carry themselves? Would they really have a noticable aura eminating from them? Recently I've begun working out at home using the P90X DVD series. There is a woman in several of the videos named Dreya Weber. She is a gymnist and aerialist. I can tell you that if Aes Sedai were real, this is what they would look like. I've never seen such an air of confidence radiating from someone like it does from here. She also really has an ageless face, sometimes appeari
  7. This plus the fact that Moiraine specifically warns Rand not to trust Verin in her letter to him could in fact be clues that she is Black Ajah. OR perhaps she obtained the oath rod and had the three oaths removed for other reasons. You'll have to read tGS to find out. :) As for the sharpening of the sword, I have no idea, good catch.
  8. So on the way to Tear in The Dragon Reborn, Rand decapitates some random woman. I know she and her companions were actually darkfriends, but my questions is how the heck did Rand know that? I mean at that point she'd basically just been like "Hi." and he pulls a Queen of Hearts on her.
  9. I'm telling you guys, Summer Glau would make the PERFECT Egwene! Anyone who's read all the way through the series and seen Firefly/Serenity, back me up!!
  10. This is exactly what I have been thinking for awhile. I hope I don't have it built up in my head, and it is just going to be some insignificant event, like Mat killing Couladin without even a POV of his fight. What The Hell??? Amen. The problem is that time is running out. AMEN.
  11. That's what I thought for a long time, until Logain was all "yo dude you need to watch out for that foo Taim" and Rand's like, "nuh uh."
  12. Don't get me wrong, I love Rand and think he's the best character in the whole series. He's smart, skilled, and deep inside has a good heart (despite trying to be so hard all the time). That being said, a few things that irk me: 1) He doesn't see that Taim is as big a threat to him as any Forsaken (perhaps bigger) 2) He insults the crap out of the Atha'an Miere. They waited to talk to him forever and he totally blew them off. Similar insults to the Borderlanders too, but those I can understand a little more. Am I being too hard on the old sheepherder?
  13. I couldn't disagree more. I don't think RJ EVER intended Taim to be Demandred. Consider: Taim was around for years and years before Aginor escaped the bore, and it's been stated he was the first to be released. If Demandred would've gotten out before Aginor, he too would've suffered excessive aging (think what 3000 year old skin would look like) because he would likewise have to have been near the edge of the prison (closer to it in fact). Additionally, Taim and Dashiva obviously weren't in cahoots because Taim was surprised that Dashiva was with the other BT traitors. I know that th
  14. Welcome! Hope you find a good deal on a hardback copy. :)
  15. Welcome! I'm sorry that you started with this series, as if you read anymore fantasy it'll all be downhill from here!
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