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My name is Ervis, and I'm from Sweden. Currently I'm studying in Örebro University, Media and Communication. But now I'm going this class about Scriptwriting, which I find very interesting. Love to write!


Well, the first time I got into the WoT series, was when I was around 13-14 years old. Someone recommended those books, and I fell in love with Eye of the World . I continued to read and stopped around book 5, don't remember if I even began with LoC.


The summer when before I went to college, when I was 19, I wanted to get in a story with many characters and more plotlines than just one. I always liked characters and a "web-story" - more than just one plotline to follow. I searched the internet, and suddenly I remembered WoT. I went to the library and got EoTW. Since then I've read all books, and finished tGS this fall. Which meant I only had to wait a month for ToM, and now it's barely two weeks left. :D


I'm a creative guy; I play some instrument (mostly guitar, keyboards, bass, a little drums), and I like writing and creating film and music.

That pretty sums everything about me. Well, only facts actually, but you wouldn't want to my personality. Maybe you will get in touch with that in the forums. ;)

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