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  1. Don't forget that the BWB has intentional errors. Just like the series itself, not everything is right. Also, I think Sharaman above me has the right idea.
  2. You all seem to be forgetting that right after hearing about the borderlands is the meeting where the Hall gains control of the war and the Amyrlin is left to deal with the kings and queens. She TELLS them, right there in that meeting that the borderlands are being overrun. AFTER they have control of the armies/sending sisters out. Note also, that several of the sitters seem to already know about it (didn't see them going and telling Egwene about it did we?) Your points are valid, but your blaming the wrong person. Blame the Hall of Tower, they are in control of that stuff now.
  3. I like her, even though she has certain aspects to her personality that aren't terribly nice. So does everyone else in the world! She has done some thing that weren't great, but that doesn't make her evil incarnate. She is written very well, I think she is one of the most human characters - hence, the very strong reaction the mere mention of her name brings out in people. People seem to recact like she has done something to them, personally. Thats some very strong writing right there. There was something off about her POV's in ToM though. No feelings I think, she thought things, but didn't feel them. I can't really recall my opinion on her changing much. I started reading WOT about 9-10 years ago, the only thing I remember is not liking Nyneave at all! Being close to the same age as her at the point I probably related a lot more than I do now.
  4. There aren't enough HoTH. If I am remembering right, there are a little over a hundred? MInus the ones who have been/are waiting to be reborn. So, 100 odd misty people are going to beat hundreds of thousands (if not more) of trollocs, darkfriends, dreadlords, and other shadowspawn all by themselves. Somehow I don't see that happening.
  5. She "dares" as you put it, for very good reasons. Also, does Egwene know what actually happened in the AOL? I was under the impression that she still believes that Lews Therin and the Hundred Companions were already mad when they tried to seal the DO back up. Also also, had saidar been used, it would also be tainted and we would not now be reading this story.
  6. The host body dies maybe? The Aes Sedai had to have found out somehow and the most obvious answer is that he has been out before. Of course, being an obvious answer its probably wrong
  7. The thing I find interesting about this viewing is that Min specifically states "ALL the Asha'man" All of them? This would include all the darkfriend Asha'man at this point. Assuming Taim is not an imposter this would also include him (assuming he is an imposter makes this a moot point I guess) It would include our friendly friend with the creepy eyes Mezar (Do I have this name right? you all know who I mean) So 2 conclusions here: 1 - Cadsuane does something fantastically awesome that somehow teaches every single Asha'man, regardless of allegiances.... something. 2 - Cadsuane cannot complete this viewing until after the Black Tower has been dealt with, and only lightside Asha'man are left, at which point she will do something that somehow teaches them... something.
  8. Uttering a phrase or two and almost understanding the OT like he was doing before he laid hands on the Dagger is a far cry from being able to speak and understand the OT fluently like he does before he ever sets foot in Rhuidean. When he goes through the Doorway in Tear, he is speaking the OT fluently, even if he doesn't actually realise it until he comes out and talks to Rand and Mo. And his memory of being Aemon is explained how, coincidence that it happens directly upon waking from his cleansing? I did say fully understand it. At this point, when he thinks about what he says it's just gibberish to him. I'd go as far to say that if he tried to speak the OT at that point he wouldn't be able to. It's an unconscious thing. And you didn't quote the bit where I said that maybe the SL taint had made the OT a little more accessable to him. As for that memory - he's hallucinating, stressed, etc etc etc. Not coincidence. A combination of several different factors resulting in that memory surfacing, at that time. I can see your point, mind. But if it is the reason for Mat's (one) memory and language skills, then it's pretty weak at it. And I can't see it reconciling with the fact that it ate Mat's own memories. You would think it would do the same thing to Rand - and it hasn't.
  9. Lol - so are a lot of other things in this series.
  10. RE: The taint, and Shadar Logoth taint. From memory - The Taint from Shadar Logoth removed Mat's memory's - it didn't give him any more, or access to previous incartations memories. He was already able to speak the old tongue - he does this for the first time before reaching SL. We see him speaking Old Tongue after that - his Healing and, the Stone's dooryway. He doesn't know he is doing it though - Maybe it made the OT a little more accessable to him? Then again this could be caused by any number of other factors, the most obvious being ta'veren. He wasn't able to fully understand it until after the Rhuidean trip and going through the doorway and gaining his memories. Rand isn't spouting the Old Tongue every time he turns around - He has a crazy voice in his head and memories that aren't his. He hasn't forgotten his own like Mat has. The taint on saidin causes maddness - we know this. Crazy voices are a form of maddness. the memories are an effect from the fact that Lews Therin was a real person - and is the same soul as Rand. (where you go from here depends on where you stand on the construct/real debate) I'm just not seeing how the SL taint has affected Rand regarding memories/breaking of barriers. The 2 taints seem to be fighting each other in Rand, not working together.
  11. While this is true, He was asking women if the name meant anything to them. To me it didn't come accross like he was actively looking for her so they could get married. It read more like if one of those women had said it did mean something to her he'd be running before she finished the sentence. When it actually came to Tuon, he didn't know who she was until right at that moment. The words came out, he decided to kidnap her. I see that as reasonable - if he hadn't she would have raised the alarm, if for no other reason then to get him back. Remember she was already interested in him because of the ring. He kidnaps her, which fulfills part of her prophecy - that he knows nothing about (nor do we, at this point) after that - the relationship, I see it as he had already said the words, everyone already knows he thinks he is going to marry her - he may as well make the best of it. He knew there was no point trying to avoid it. She was waiting for more confirmation that this was the man from her prophecy. Mat already knows she is the one from his. If I were going to be forced to marry someone, no matter what I wanted I guess I would find something to like about that person, and thats what I think Mat did.
  12. Untrue... The Shaido alone had 450-500 odd channelers. The White Tower had a max of around 1000 Aes Sedai. (less now after TOM) Thats HALF of the Tower, in one clan. I don't recall any numbers for the windfinders, but your assesment of the Wise Ones numbers is not right.
  13. The description of Ishmael travelling is what travelling with the true power looks like. I don't have TEOTW with me at the moment so I don't know what the description of LTT travelling was, but I assume it's normal travelling.
  14. I immediately thought of it as 111 = the binary equivalent of 7! Or perhaps the AoL equivalent of Roman numerals. The first isn't very likely, though. The WT oath rod is marked 3, not 11, which would be the binary equivalent. But 'Roman numeral' 3 might indicate the number of oaths the rod can bind. Did Elaida actually manage to bind anyone to that oath of fealty she wanted? Elaida didn't but the black ajah hunters used it to place an extra oath on all the rebel aes sedai who went back to the tower.
  15. The answer to your second question is your first one. Male channelers were being gentled when and where they were found instead of being taken back to the the White Tower. It's also referred to as "The Vileness" The 3 red sitters at the time Toveine Gazal, Lirene and Tsutama were all sent into exile. The Black Ajah were also murdering men they thought might be channelers (lucky men, mainly) at the same time. What Nyneave did wasn't really healing insanity. It was more removing the taint from their minds, which had the same symptoms of madness. She Delved them, and saw the taint, then removed the taint bit by bit, Healing the holes left in the brain (but not the madness) then she used another weave that isn't actually described to get rid of the taint. It could possibly have been a counter-compulsion weave like she originally tried. I don't personally believe that Nyneave could heal insanity from someone who wasn't a male channeler affected by the taint. Or at least not in the same way she healed the Asha'man anyways.
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