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  1. Mat + sack full of badgers = SO MUCH WIN.
  2. I don't even know anymore. A lot? I am a speed reader, and can read one of them in about 8 hours, so I go through them fairly quickly. The size of each book was one of the things that initially drew me to the series because I go through books so fast. Whatever anyone tells you, speed reading sucks when reading for entertainment. It is way too expensive to buy books.
  3. I am a pretty good shot, so 5 it is. Deposited in the blight.... hmm like an hour or 2. And finally against a Fade, I would die, I can't face its gaze.
  4. This isn't technically after the series, or even more than a short story, but I would like to know more about certain Aiel, like Gaul, Sulin, Mangin, Bain and Chiad.
  5. My dad had borrowed the first 7 books from one of his friends at work, and I noticed them when he was in the middle of TGH. I was finished with all 7 before he had finished TSR, then began my first wait (about 7 months for tPoD).
  6. hehehe- that is true. Jedi would OWN the Ashaman in a saberfight. But, vs Sith Lords? hmm.... I think it all boils down to who gets in the first shot. I mean, if the weak Ashaman got the first blow to shield/balefiler the sith lord, then there's your winner. If the sith lord caught the Ashaman off guard, however, it's over. I mean, pre-cleansing Ashaman all have that insanity bit to contend with, and so far as I know, Sith don't. (haven't read many SW books, though.) To me, the question always has been who would OWN a drinking contest, Obi-Wan or Birgitte? Mat.
  7. This is my all time favorite thread, I love remembering random scenes. Also, when Rand is fighting the five guys at once and gets cracked a good one.
  8. I am more like Davram Bashere than anyone, I usually let my wife make decisions, BUT SOMETIMES, sometimes I just have to take her by the scruff of the neck and tell her how it is. Also, she is like Tenobia.
  9. I wold be shocked if two men and a woman could not achieve the same provided that the man controlling the link was not the one using Callandor. Two men and one woman CANNOT be in a 'Linked Circle' together as the BWB states as a fact this: If the prophecy of the three shall become one is in fact a 'linked circle', it has to be in a ratio of two women and one man. That directly implies that the third individual to join this 'linked circle', has to be a woman without question. Did you even read what you typed in; I highlighted what supports my statement. Quoted for Effect. To further point out what lilltempest was saying, I re-bolded the most important section. The part where it says two men and one woman is an exception to the rule.
  10. After that then it went into this (of course excluding Luckers comments) So, this evil exists seperate of him, is driving him (or perhaps was before Fain's introduction and the presence of DO evil--it has been stated Fain is unique), and is the source of all the corruption related to Shadar Logoth. Later on in the same interview this is said: In my thread:The Other 5 Ages and Other Powers I commented with what has been posted of the interview with this: And later on in the thread I replied to a few comments with this: Exactly. Thats what I am trying to get at. We know that each age has a vague set pattern to follow. We only know of what happens in two of the seven ages for sure. So wouldn't it be possible for the dark one to be sealed away for five ages and then when the "Age of Legends" comes again, his influence spreads into the world again. But during the other five ages there is some other entity or maybe multiple different entities of evil, such as the evil of Shadiar Logath. And because the pattern knows that this new age is coming it starts preparing for it, thats why we see people with all these "new" special abilities; Min's views, Wolf Brothers, The Sniffer, ect. See, I believe that Mordeth actually found one of these entities or maybe its just some kind of power, but anyways, he found it and tapped into it somehow, much like how Lanfear tapped into the bore. The difference is however, he didn't release it into the world, only into himself, but it is contagious. I think, that in one of the other ages, that that same evil will be release on a widespread. Any thoughts or questions on my theory? Please comment, I would really like to hear what people think of this. And on this thread, Luckers concluded his original post with this: Whatever watches waits till nightfall. The Shadow darkens the world, the next book is to be called the Towers of Midnight. The time the watchers wait for, perhaps? Connecting all this together really does fit well together and I agree with Luckers theory except on one part. I dont think that the TAR eyes are the source of Shadar Logath' evil but rather that the source of the evil of Shadar Logath is found within TAR or is somehow connected with TAR. It could be connect with it because TAR is simply the reflection of ALL worlds, which means that the source could be in another would, reached by portal stone, which would explain the "eyes" in TAR and how Mordeth even found this evil.. but... then there is the problem of getting there...... (this is where I need someone to "connect the dots") However, one thing I can say for sure is that the statement below is incorrect. Why: because in the AoL, before the bore was drilled into, everyone was peaceful, crime did not exsist, all people lived in harmony, it was a utopia. This means, that without any outside influence (the DO or the evil of Shadar Logath) people in the wheel of time series are clean, without any evil. So that means that the evil that infected Shadar Logath cant be the evil and greed of people, because that greed only exists because of the DO.... or something else... So with that said... connect the dots please. I disagree with the utopia description. If there was no crime why have Binders and whatever the chair thing for non-channelers is called.
  11. I always thought that they were imprisoned/executed after the sealing of the Bore.
  12. It was probably the Murandian border lord that had a chance at unifying Murandy.
  13. Agreed. It makes me wonder about Fortuona doubting Mat. Also, of all elements on the Periodic Table, why Molybdenum?
  14. Actually I thought of that while I was writing this... It doesn't seem possible. I feel like it was mentioned some how or speculated on in book 3 or before. But how is it possible for DR to be bound to the horn, when he is required to be present when it is used, along with the dragon banner? They said anyone could use the horn, but clearly that person must be approved by the corporate sponsorship of the dragon himself. Exo Facto: If he is bound to the horn, it is in a paradoxical way, basically he hangs out in TaR while unborn, and parties with the other Hero's. Didn't Hawkwing tell Rand that he was one of the heroes is tGH?
  15. But Galad's goodness combined with Berelain's political skills might be very welcome in a country tired of plotting and scheming. Didn't she and Rhuarc run Cairhien for a while? So they already know something of her. I recall some positive comment about her rule there, she definitely wasn't hated. Didn't Lan kill Toram in Far Madding? Yes Toram is dead, but his sister is alive.
  16. In all my many read-throughs of all the posts on here this is the best one I have read so far. No offense Luckers but the Unseen Eyes has never caught me the way this theory has. Keep up the good work regardless, I still can't find anything else to compete for BUT status. Also, I would love for Moridin to be redeemed, he is too awesome of a character to lose during TG.
  17. The only thing I can see that I disagree with in this is that Moghedien knew the same Traveling weave as Egwene as shown when she learns exactly who "Marigan" is.
  18. I would think that it is because they don't have a lot of wood in the waste, so many things normally made of wood are made of metal.
  19. I second this as one the absolute best scenes in the entire series.
  20. Dude, thread was 4 years dead. We need a zombie trolloc smile for this. I was looking through old posts, and this caught my eye.
  21. Birgette said in The Fires of Heaven "Gaidal is out there somewhere, an infant, or even a young boy." That is enough for me to still believe Olver is Gaidal, I can just see Robert Jordan laughing to himself about how surprised the readers would be upon learning that Olver was indeed Gaidal Cain. You do know its physically impossible. Not only has RJ stated it, but its inconsistent with teh story. A soul cannot just be popped into a 6 year old boy. We see Gaidal in TAR in the Shadows Rising at least. Olver is 6. Unless your suggesting that the DO stole Olver's soul and transmitigated Gaidal's into the body, its a load of rubbish. Seriously, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen on DM. Actually Olver is ten, and proud of it!
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