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  1. 1st, (if I remember right) Finnland is not for wishes. They answer 3 questions. 2nd, Moiraine warned of harshness for questions that touch the shadow...Lanfear is the shadow for all practical purposes. I'm sure the Finns dealt with her swiftly. And, Moiraine wouldnt be allowed to get wishes or ask questions since she was already been there once. I really need to get my books out of storage. I believe Lanfear did something to Asmo after his power got restricted so she could find him anywhere. She point blank said she would kill him if he became too close to Rand. So everything leads to her doing it.
  2. So who is Taim? ***Possible SPOILER*** In KoD, Logain was describing Taim's temper to Rand and said "his eyes were like fire." More than once if I recall. And makes mention, after the Trolloc attack, about Taim having secret weaves. Also, at the end of KoD, Taim says, "like the old saying...let the Lord of Chaos rule." Taim must be Forsken but if he's Ishy..who's Moridin? And if not Ish, who? I thought they were all accounted for. My books are packed away...who was at Shaol Ghul at the beginning of LoC?
  3. I haven't thought about this too much, but part of the Finn's rules, snakes and foxes rules, and Mat's answers in Finnland could be related. "Fire to blind" (or is it Light to Blind?) "Give up half the Light of the World to save the World"
  4. I thought I read somewhere that RJ said that Taim is NOT Demandred....or has he said anything about Moridin not being Ishy? Did RJ say that or not? I can't find the source anymore and it makes something I noticed in KoD interesting and confusing too. Thanks
  5. She very well could have been. The Finns kill her on site since she's Forsaken, the DO places her in a new body, viola. Plus if you re-read parts of TSR you find out the Finns are harsh on anything touching the Shadow, time works differently there, Lanfear flat out tells Asmo she WILL kill him (and we know RJ's hints are blunt ex: in EOTW Moi is testing Eg and Eg tells Rand she can be AS and maybe even Amyrlin Seat one day.) So she very well could be out of Finnland, in Cyn's body, and snatched Asmo through a gateway (and for those who think someone should have felt channeling...Moridin could have made the gateway since he has the mindtrap for Cyn.) Plus I think he would have been very surprised to see her! I need to see something very convincing in favor of Graendal. Her only appearances up to that point (if memory serves) has mainly been in the dreamland. Also, in interviews I've read RJ states that the killer should be easily know from the information given up to that point (book 5) and he was also amused that there is such mystery to it. I know Moridin hadnt made an appearance and Cyn's idenity was yet unknown at that point in the book BUT we know the Forsaken who weren't balefired or named Asmo have found new bodies.
  6. Of course the other half would be tainted...but no idea what it would do to the Aes Sedai...like knowing if Manson suddenly goes crazy...how would you know???
  7. I have a feeling Olver will be the one to go with Mat and Thom...the kid is always playing the game and I think he can figure out a way to cheat once he's inside the Tower...plus if he is Gaidal....he's born to be a hero!
  8. How about all the Aes Sedai...do they even realize the Last Battle is on them? They're useless.
  9. I'd like someone to explain how too. And where has she been for all these books? Thom's letter is clear about where she is. I'm not going to read all 90 pages!
  10. How is it Moi? She should be trapped inside the Tower of Jenji (or something like that.)
  11. I know this thread is old but I'm new to the site... How is it Graendal is the popular vote getter??? She's barely made an appearance in the books! Lanfear did it and RJ is very blunt about his clues when he gives them. The clue is in book 4 or 5 (sorry but my books are packed away.) Rand already has Asmo as a teacher and Lanfear keeps herself close. Lanfear and Asmo have a little talk where she says she will kill him if she thinks he has become to close to Rand and might turn against the Shadow. Lanfear went through the twisted mirror prior to Asmos death. It was mentioned many times about what the Finns would do to things that touch the Shadow; we also know time works differently there too. So it's not unreasonable to believe Lanfear went through the mirror and was promptly killed by Finns. In death, the DO brought her soul back in the other body. She goes to where Asmo is and disposes of him. We know that Asmo knew his killer and was surprised to see the killer...Lanfear is the only choice.
  12. Here's how I see it: The seals are just that...seals. Back when Lanfear had a real name, she found a weak spot in the pattern where the AS of the time could tap into the TP. That's when the DO escaped. LTT and the men plugged the hole with the seals...stacked one on top the other. Like so ())))) Imagine the DO as a kind of evil acid corroding away at the seals..over time the seals weaken and the one behind it starts to weaken a little too (The first doesnt have to break completly...just weaken enough to let the acid touch the next seal.) As the seals grow weaker, DO's touch becomes stronger. Also, the DO sent the taint through as they were sealing, so it's reasonable to assume that the DO touch is also in the seals. And I think after TG, the hole will be plugged without seals...like the way Lanfear found it.
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