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  1. Sorry for the lateness, but I'm back from my own LoA. I've been recovering from a 12 hour coach ride from Sydney to Melbourne, plus the remnants of a nasty cold which had a hold of me last week ^_^; But I am back!
  2. Posting up a notice of LoA from April 30 to May 2 (right in the middle of my WoT class too! *grumble*) :-[
  3. At the moment I'm reading Magician by Raymond Feist. I managed to get a hold of the one with the extra 15000 words (or was it 1500? I can't remember!), omitted from the original text, so there's a lot more depth to it :D But I've always loved the series, so I'm certainly not complaining!
  4. I like them all, but personally, Mat is definitely my favourite. I can definitely relate to him the most :)
  5. I have no idea how long it took me to work that out XD I think it was after at least a few re-reads that I realised, "oh, hey, Thom killed Galldrian. Duh".
  6. Man, I have so many, I don't know where to start! But I'll drop in the ones that rank really high with me :D 1. Perrin and Faile's wedding. 2. Ingtar's redemption. I never even suspected he was a Darkfriend till that scene with him and Rand, and when I did make the connection, I had to admire Ingtar for his guts in admitting what he'd done. 3. Perrin rescuing Faile from the hedgehog trap, and of course, afterwards when he woke back up. That was such a sweet scene :) 4. Egwene's raising to Amyrlin of the SAS. 5. Elayne and Aviendha's bonding as first-sisters. 6. And to round it off (before I get too long winded!) the Battle of Emond's Field :)
  7. Correctly printed? What's so different? If its just small misspellings and such I don't need a 3rd copy around... or Do I? (one signed one to read, both bought the day it came out.) Heh, the first copy I bought was missing some pages, and another section of pages was repeated twice, before the story carried on normally. I went to a bookstore in the city yesterday, and got another copy, which had all its pages, and no section was repeated :) (I flipped through just to make sure I wasn't getting another dud ^_^; )
  8. Actually, the main reason I was surprised at it manifesting in AS was the fact that technically speaking, they're supposed to protect the world from the DO, and oppose Darkfriends and Shadowspawn, etc, etc. But reading over the books a few times, after a while, I came to realize that they have the same failings as anyone else, and those failings can be exploited - case in point, the BA. But you've got to give props to the BA for operating right under the AS's noses, so to speak. Y'know, I never thought about it that way before. But it makes sense now that I think about it. Not everyone is part of a holy warrior society for the simple fact of wanting to protect the world. Some of them are in it just to look good in the eyes of others, or for status points and the like. Yeah, fertile grounds for the DO to corrupt them and turn them to his own ends. About the Tinkers (or one of them in particular), I don't think Aram was ever really happy with the Way of the Leaf, even in tEotW - didn't Ila or Raen say something to that effect? Maybe he was already getting sick of running, even back then. And of course, when he took up that sword in tDR, well, that was the end of the Way for him. Not that Aram turned to being a Darkfriend, of course, (though when he tried to kill Perrin in KoD ...) but he's an example of how a Tinker could (and has, as per the Darkfriend social in tGH) be turned to the Dark One, simply by dint of the fact that he or she was sick and tired of running, and wanted to do something other than turn the other cheek all the bloody time.
  9. Out of those groups, the ones I found most surprising in terms of Darkfriends were the Tuatha'an, Borderlanders, and the Whitecloaks. Tuatha'an are sworn against violence, but Darkfriends can be violent. Borderlanders protect the Borderlands from the Blight, but some of them, like Ingtar, got sick of the endless work of making sure the Blight didn't take over the Borderlands, so why not go over to a side that seemed to be winning, or at least looked more profitable? Whitecloaks hate Darkfriends (real and imagined) but that's not to say that some of them might've been a little less committed to the ideals of the Whitecloaks than most, so it stands to reason they went over to the DO. Or I could be 100% off about the reasoning. Maybe the Darkfriend Whitecloaks joined the "dark side" for an entirely different reason. And of course, the AS. The least likely candidates for Darkfriends, but we've got the Black Ajah, sitting there pretty as you please. Liandrin, for example, iirc, joined the Black Ajah hours after being raised to the Red, so if AS, why not anyone else, like a king, or a Tuatha'an, or a Borderlander, or anyone else from any walk of life you care to name?
  10. See, I never connected those to Rand's channeling, even several re-reads later, but on an external WoT site (could've been the WoT Wiki or something like that), I realized those three events were connected to Rand. But only very recently did I learn that the boom hitting the Trolloc was Rand's doing, and that wasn't even on a re-read! But re-reading does help a lot, and it gives you a better understanding of the series, and helps you pick up on character insights that you might've missed the first time around! (And now that I have a correctly printed copy of tGS, I get to do another re-read to refresh my memory XD)
  11. Thank you! :D It's certainly proving to be a very interesting place so far ^_^
  12. Thank you :D I'm surprised Egwene's raising wasn't mentioned before this, but I guess with so many moments, it's hard to pinpoint a specific group :D Actually, while I'm on the subject, there's also the moment between Moiraine and Thom in tDR, and Moiraine's letter in CoT. That really brought a tear to the eye, the letter especially :D (see, at least I have the abbreviations for the books down to a fine art!)
  13. I agree with almost every moment listed here so far, but for me, I have to add when Egwene was raised to be Amyrlin of the rebel AS ... I almost fell out of my chair when I read the bit where Sheriam told Egwene that she was going to be the next Amyrlin. It was very well done :D Oh, and I also have to give props to the scene when the Wise Ones give her a good drubbing for lying to them about not going into the World of Dreams (I will learn how to type its proper name even if it kills me!), and also fibbing about being AS when she was only an Accepted. Very, very well done, especially how she was so calm when asking the Wise Ones to help her meet her toh. Oh, and dream Bela, of course :D
  14. I found the same thing when I did my first re-read of the series (I think I did my first re-read when I got either WH or CoT). Things that hadn't made sense to me the first time around made sense when I went back and went through the books again :D Not to mention that re-reading always gives a fresh perspective, and I get to know the characters all over again.
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