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  1. youre taking the "three shall be one" out of context, the exact quote is this TGS ch 48 TGS ch 48 He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one in my mind this is clearly about callandor and rand needing to be linked with 2 women to use it properly. nothing to do with mat or perrin or 3 taveren. in fact it makes me wonder if we've been too focused on lans potential death and not thought enough about if being linked to rand at the time will cost us Nyneave.
  2. I have 2 theories on the Eye of the World and one is that its the 3rd sa'angreal. "There were only 2 more powerful ever created" This is what we were told upon learning of Callandor. 2 more extremely powerful sa'angreal attuned to men are out there in the world somewhere. We later find and use 1 of these 2, the Choedan Kal. At the time when Lanfear tells of these other 2 she also says that she knows one still exists, meaning the Choedan Kal, this does not have to mean ignorance on Lanfears part as to the 3rd, maybe she says one still exists because she knows the 3rd has been destroyed
  3. i tried calling the wind, weaving the winds. then focused on the words COULD do. tried weather regulation. tried weapon making. glanced over the BWB then tried mining. my brains too blah to try variations of wording or caps or punctuation.
  4. i dont think honorable deal comes in to play. tuon is still under the belief that rand will bow and succumb to the seanchan. she will go to the FoM firmly believing to reign in the dragon reborn. but she already underestimated the pull of dark rand...now she will face jesus rand....the pattern will demand a deal be made. throw in avi somewhere too. so no tuon doesnt go there planning for a backstab...but it ends up a back stab because of the demand for an agreement....she will make a deal she never intended to make....now the fly in my theory stew is that mats gateway back from the tower SHOU
  5. i think he will go to caemlyn first to get the band and subsequently save his dragons and the city....THEN go to tar valon for my above scenario.....i just dont see mat going to the tower for ANY reason without an army at his back...its just so mat..."so you wanna give me my horn or am i firing the cannons at you?" andddd if you consider the original outriggers idea and mat lives on to have more adventures it makes sense that in the end he is the surving hero of so many battles such as caemlyn and tar valon...hence the center of it all...
  6. the waygate in tar valon....is it secured or not??? verins other letters??? my theory is that we will have a convergance on the tower....this involves a few theories. the amyrlins anger....i dont know when or how but i think ....tuon will go to the FoM to meet rand ( a distraction technique). rand will strike a deal that goes along the lines of "you can keep the damane you have but cannot take any more" his taverness binds Tuon to this but the problem is that simultaniously the seanchan have travelled to tar valon and are launching an all out assault. egwayne is PISSED and i mean LIVID. maybe
  7. i busted out my big white book and im thinking the wheel symbol minus the spear, with the symbols for saidar and saidin on the 4 corners, and the banner saying its time to toss the dice inthe old tongue...but then i MUST learn how to pronounce it properly lol. originally i was thinking my left inner wrist...so that every time i read another book im reminded that i read because of the Wheel of Time....but now im thinking bigger and maybe my shoulder to offset a tat i already have on my right shoulder that is interstingly enough a circular almost wheel like vine of roses....haha
  8. im gonna reply to the speculation even if it doesnt belong here lol. maybe it belongs in some mat theory thread lol. i dont believe for one second that mats "luck" is random nor really about taking chances. he was the last to accept being taveren, last to get his "superpower", the most reluctant of the 3.if you tell mat he HAS to be somewhere at a certain time he will buck against it. but if he THINKS he has a choice, an option.......the dice, the coin flips, are just the patterns way of making him THINK he has a choice. but he really doesnt. every dice roll every flip of the coin has been the
  9. im seriously considering getting a tattoo to commemorate 20 + years of living and breathing this series. i already have 4 all with secific special meaning in my life. I think i want the actual wheel symbol, with a saying from the books. the first 2 that come to mind for me are "the wheel weaves as the wheel wills" which would signify to me that life is in "fates" hands. and "its time to roll the dice" which i would have done in the old tongue obviously lol but would signify needing to take chances in life. but i was just wondering what everyone elses favorite sayings are in the books and perh
  10. is rand a dreamer? maybe rjs directly answered this at some point...i skimmed these chapters after reading brandons status and focused on the few short rand povs. clearly hes in TaR and most of the male forsaken can only do this by entering it physically. and the dreams he has seem to be forshadowing. maybe in his paranoid rush to get the shadow out of his dreams he just asked asmo to show him how to ward his dreams...and never asked about the chance of being a dreamer or dreamwalker or using TaR as an advantage. to my knowledge egwayne doesnt ward her dreams and aes sedai have been warding t
  11. in ch 39 nyneave uses "a thin bar" of balefire against the fades and we seem to not see any of the usual side effects of balefire....those killed by the fades didnt come back to life...was it the size of the balefire or something else...just a thought...
  12. i have a thought...but i put it in the "things you wanna see" thread....and yes i know im CRAZY lol
  13. this seems a good spot to put my lan/nyn theory lol. cuz its a tid bit id love to see lan...Aan'allein, bound to the horn....cmon if anyone deserves it its LAN.....that moment in TaR where Nyneave finds him....says "i can cast you out we can be together again, we can retake Malkier......" No (word for lost love escaping me) this is my fate...to fight against the shadow until time stands still, its what i was sworn to do in my cradle" "but.." " death is lighter then a feather, duty heavier then a mountain this is my duty"...after a few braid tugs nyn accepts this and goes on to reclaim mal
  14. it was the fine andoran budweiser. found the email lol. says "change email" bright as a damn taveren
  15. is there a way to change my user name?? cancan4ever has been my yahoo id since like 1997....my name is Candace btw ( candace sedai of the blue haha) and maybe ive had too much andoran ale but changing email??
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