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  1. I read this all again and it still cracks me up
  2. Arya dearest, dont you think your bonded to me in your sig is a bit mean?
  3. Just for the record, I resent all this.
  4. Its just her way of expressing her undying love for me.
  5. See dearest? More proof that we are truly meant to be together.
  6. I might survive, that is if I'm not done in by Arya's nagging.
  7. I'd jus like to draw attention to the above quote by Arya.
  8. If you still believe in cooties, then I'm having second thoughts
  9. Dearest Arya, I promise to be less of a smartass to you. Well that might never happen but you can always hope. As much as I tease and sometimes insult you, I do truly want to bond you. Meeting you at DCon last year cinched it for me. You know I'm always willing to talk to you, whether online or on the phone. Now that you wont lose my number we can talk more often. Yes I will make an effort to be more active n junk, you might hafta prod me a little bit, but I'll do it. *shudders as Arya enters his head forever* :shock:
  10. Amor, you know in your heart it is what you want to do.
  11. But Amor, I shall counter your violence with love and hugs.
  12. Amor, no matter if you hit me, kick me or any such violence, my feelings for you will not diminish in the slightest.
  13. Battle? We are confessing our true feelings for each other.
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