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  1. Does opening them in deserted areas and telling people not to go there count as sufficient precaution?
  2. Actually, there is one example of multiple husbands for one girl: The Green sisters. E.g: Myrelle, who has three husbands and wants Lan too.
  3. Ta'veren: Someone that the Wheel will shape itself around, for a time. Very plausible theory, it's a little suspicious to just peg them as coincidences. After all, ta'veren alter chance.
  4. Though, this is NYNAEVE's mother we're talking about....I don't think a Two River's woman is going to stand for being knocked up and then tossed.
  5. Actually, if you had every single memory of a person, and you were constructing a personality, I think you'd do a pretty good job of it, considering you just lived that person's life. Yes, it may not be dead-on, but it's got to be pretty darn close. You could argue that Lanfear recognized him-I did say that you'd get it pretty accurate, and Lanfear's psychotic-she sees what she wants to see.
  6. My favorite used to be Gawyn. :-* He's really kind, and caring, not to mention *spoiler for TGS* But I don't know, Mat's starting to grow on me. :) I also LOVE Logaine. He's got this really cool, laid-back appeal, and the kissing scene in Knife of Dreams, I think it was, was honestly one of the best romance scenes. :D
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