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  1. ive been wanting to know the same thing
  2. u forgot that she discovers weed and becomes an addict
  3. maby RJ did it just to make the book easier....
  4. I looked to see if this has been discussed but i didnt see anything. Im curious and if you know please tell me. What will Cadsuane (forgive if i misspell) teach Rand? or has she already taught him? and how? I know Min says it in one of her "sights" i believe.
  5. alright so going by what u all just said...i think that if we could use the OP...we would have put an end to any energy crisis ever created....
  6. i was well...on the toilet when i thought of this...there is never a scene or even mention that Randland has outhouses or anything...that i remember...i think it would be funny to have Rand on the pot and a bunch of Trollocs come bursting in...lmao..... :lol:
  7. dont have a quote...but i would assume it would be like a wolf's in it just being the iris
  8. Hey im new here and just started a re-read of my own and am exactly where u are.. i was wondering why, when Rand was describing the "black figure that the wind did not touch" to Tam...why didn't Tam recognize it as it was. Its been a while since i read the books...i believe Fades? i hope lol.. He's seen trolloks and such... i think it may be along the lines of TOO long dead
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